Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Stationary Nomad...

I think I've become some sort of stationary nomad. I have not traveled or moved in any direction but yet my head is in a constant state of wandering.

We are celebrating my son's 20th Birthday this weekend. While thinking about his birth I realized all of my children regardless of the year or country born they all arrived to this world between 7:42-7:46 PM. That tiny bit of information makes this wanderer's mind travel.  What are the odds of three children conceived in different decades being born during the same time frame. Not sure if anyone else has experienced the same but it sure gave me enough inspiration to come up with many theories.

I love coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box. The rebel child that never wanted to be sanctioned. I thought all series of events were random, chaotic and with no order but yet felt puzzled by this bit of information.What if regardless of our spirit, personalities and choices there is a perfect order of how things in our lives should be? I pondered on this idea for what seems for days...

About the truth...

Then, Saturday I was invited by that one television network for women that shows all those movies of scorned wives and abusive husbands to attend a Southern Women's convention. They promised a VIP experience to the bloggers invited. Who doesn't wish to be VIP? The convention in which many vendors and service providers gather to share their latest in gadgets, cooking and fashion seemed ideal for this stationary nomad.
The most perfect opportunity to meet other local area bloggers and meet up with my girl Juli so we could sneak in some shopping.
I must say that the opportunity of meeting with new bloggers and shopping with my friend was priceless...
The VIP experience was not so much.  I would also have loved to share great pictures of the bloggers I met but I failed to put the memory card in my camera.

Later that evening I find out the blog had been mentioned on an article on Bitch Magazine bringing some great traffic since my blog is more word of  mouth and I only posted once last week... I was happy. But the article also brought on the critics which I guess all I can say is... Hola glad you found us. I was also found out to be perceived as a "trophy wife" which prompt me to look up the meaning by now you know I look up words all the time...

Definition: The term "trophy wife" generally refers to a successful, powerful businessman's second or third wife who is beautiful, educated, successful, and younger than her husband. A "trophy wife" is considered a status symbol. "Trophy wife" reportedly was first used by Fortune magazine in 1989.

The husband was flattered because he was considered a powerful businessman and all that jazz but the truth... I am not younger than my husband. I was afraid the first critique would be he is too young... Since I am 5 years his senior. And honestly... I thought I was the recipient of the trophy for having him in my life. I knew one day I would have to mention the critics. Most likely this will be the one and only post about it. If you have not read the blog archives then there isn't much I can say. But it is my hope I can continue to share my world on this little slice of cyberspace and remember we only can see a tiny portion of my life. Is just a small window that I sometimes keep open.

Welcome to La Dulce Vida new readers and followers. 
I hope your weekend was wonderful and never cease the search for a sweeter life...
Which we all know it's not as it easy as it sounds...
Later Peeps!


  1. If you were a trophy you would be made of steel for your strong character, soft and smooth for your ease with words, shiny and glittery for your spunk and swag and unbreakable from haters. You deserve a trophy dammit! For what? For making a difference in my life and others. And more importantly for being a kick ass mom and wife. Te quiero muchisimo. Besos!

  2. Critics are everywhere - and the more you put yourself out there, the more they swarm. Unfortunately, with the anonymity of the internet, people don't always treat each other with the same respect and dignity they deserve. Sorry to hear about your critics. I have some experiences with a few of my own. Although I've never been published in Bitch, I do write a dating column and believe me, no one knows how I should be running my dating life better than...well, everyone except me, I guess! I get criticisms and advice out the wazoo. People who don't understand that I am much more than a 2 dimensional dating column point out "obvious" character flaws. I've learned to laugh with (and even love) the haters - they way I see it, if they HATED me enough to leave a comment, well then I made them feel something and as an artist, it's more about feelings than love. Something else that might help: send the link to all your friends and readers - nothing like seeing people who love you defend you to the haters!!! Keep up the awesome writing. To a certain extent, hate comments really do equal success! xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks for this. And you are so right... If I evoke a thought I've done my job.

  3. I'm only six months younger than Ben. So I can just be a 'kept woman'. :)

  4. Although people certainly get a glimpse of who we are through our blogs, the whole story isn't there, is it? And, critics abound. We just have to have a thick skin if we go public.
    This was a great post, Adriana, I so enjoyed reading it!

    1. You are correct Martha. Is just a peak and we all know we can't see the whole panorama through a keyhole.

  5. --Trophy Wife! HAaaa.

    Congrats about being mentioned in 'Bitch' Magazine. WOW!

    An honor, which you beautifully deserve, sweet woman.

    Brava. Bravo. I am applauding your awesomeness. Xxx

  6. You have GOT to be too young to have a 20yr old!
    Loved this post. I have never heard of "Bitch" magazine. In my day it wouldn't have been an honor but HEY this old gal can learn. I am going over there to check it out just now!
    Who knows, I will probably love it and find out it is not about canines after all.
    Can't wait for our next get together.
    Love to you, Ginger

    1. Thanks for the young comment. LOL at Bitch yes its one of those terms feminist are trying to take away power from while empowering . Does that make sense?.

  7. Hello.
    Since I joined Blogplicity a couple of months ago, I have learned so much form its resident ladies (smile). If you're the "Trophy Wife", then I must be "Sugar Daddy" because I'm older than my 3 years...but still older. LOL
    Enjoyed reading this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    A Flower In My Mirror

  8. This was an enjoyable read, Adriana!
    I think being bloggers, we take the risk of being criticized for what we write. And one of the bad things about it is that some people give their opinions without really knowing the whole story. It affects me sometimes. But I think knowing the real story in my heart is what truly matters, not what other people say.
    You're awesome, Adriana! Take care! :-)

  9. I'm sorry, maybe i'm a bit slow this morning, people are criticizing your blog? WTH? You're a wonderful writer and photographer. I once mentioned that your blog is where I go to find words and images to touch the soul and lighten the heart. And people still use the term trophy wife? lol

    1. LOL That's just how it goes Vanita. But it's ok for I feel I have been training to deal with critics for a long time...

  10. hmm come to think of it my boys were both born at a similar time , not as close as your three but pretty close...

    Criticism of you!? I shall not have it! Its not possible?...Have they read your blog?? Trophy wife? *pffft*

    Well I adore you and hope you never stop blogging your beauty (inner and outer) and creativity xxx

  11. Dam girl, I am just now reading this but I did tell you the only thing that article did right was mention you and diversity. When they lumped Mormon blogs with Mom blogs as if they are one in the same that was lazy research #fail. Missing the point that women bloggers of all sorts hold power with their words and are turning the tables around. Sadly it happens all the time, it is not highlighted how we are empowering ourselves by sharing our uncensored words. I cannot hold opinions like those as having any value.

    Vultures at your back are nothing new to you. Put on your stomping boots and continue to instinctively and confidently create your path.

  12. Oh, my goodness. What's wrong with people? I like your take on "trophy," Adriana. You know where to tell the sourgrapers to go. Porque no tienen nada mejor que hacer con su tiempo! You and your blog are beautiful and I feel blessed for the moments that you've chosen to open your window just a wee bit. Keep doing what you're doing.


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