Tuesday, February 21, 2012

About Getting Lost...

Letting the earth dictate my moves I am hunkered down trying to finish all the projects and tasks I am behind with. Like waiting for a friend I am waiting for Spring. For signs of new beginnings. This is when I feel my new year always begins... When I see the bulbs peek out of the ground and when my azaleas bloom I know it is time for new beginnings.

Mia dressing up in her sister's old costumes.

Maybe it is the sunlight and my constant search for golden light. Maybe the sun rays as they gain strength doesn't leave many gloomy and dark spaces for my thoughts to hide. I believe divinity is found in the air the soil but only to be perceived if we pay close attention to it. Spring gives me the opportunity to feel one with nature as I plant new crops and clear the land. I understand every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

top left Mia dancing queen top right Maia latest production bottom left French Onion soup bottom right hearts

Although I've been letting my mind wander and believe me I have gotten lost out there a few times... I love the part when I find myself once again. It's quite refreshing when you make it back. New but familiar the sense of finding ourselves once again.

Stay Sweet Peeps!

PS... Thanks for the all the wonderful comments on the last post.



  1. I too am yearning for spring, new beginnings are my thing! xxx

  2. Las nenas estan preciosas y tan grande. Can't wait for April ;)

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