Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tribe…

While planning the M&M’s birthdays and the summer season celebrations the thought kept running though my head…
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We all need a community to be a part of…
A city … a village… a space where you feel people are friendly and you are welcomed… a place where it always feels like you belong. The older I get the more I understand the need for community and thanksgiving and without them I feel we are nobody…
We are all connected by many invisible threads…
We crave alone time to sort out our thoughts and ideas… to calm, soothe ourselves and center but when we are at ease…  we are aware… it is time to go back.
We always go back…
Because we need each other.
To grow…to share… to develop…to civilize…

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her new I am very mad face …

I, once thought that race and nationality defined tribes and communities…
Now, I am certain that this is not true and it is just my foolish perception.
No longer a silent observer I find common bonds and experiences…
I weave them together as I learn from others…
I share in search of community and communion with others. 

I have taken 2011 with a vengeance and I am building bridges instead of walls… I am reaching and grabbing for new connections and experiences… like a warrior with much purpose and my purpose is to connect… to be a part of the tribe… the tribe that was there all along always present but it needed my reflection and attention.

I now offer a respectful regard to the tribe it is a way of loving it, caring for it and nurturing it. Creating new ways to celebrate and bring myself and my family closer to others… Hoping these experiences teaches them to connect and love humanity with acceptance even when flawed. I now understand that nothing needs to be in order because it already is…the universe is in order and I am willing to harmonize with it. Such concept is an act of trust. No longer polarized with no particular feelings boxing me in…

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I join the many tribes I encounter as I walk the sweet life...

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Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jane Howard  

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Have a great weekend peeps and stay sweet…
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  1. What a wonderful perspective and I agree. The photos of your girls are stunningly beautiful!

  2. love these pictures! what kind of camera do you have?

  3. Bella. Siempre bella su niña. This is so true. Sadness is feeling one doesn't have a "place." I think it was George Orwell who said something about insanity being a man of "one." Beautiful pictures, as always. Un abrazo.

  4. The pic of the baby pouting is so sweet!

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  5. I enjoyed your post.I love the way you write..very honestly communicating and peaceful.I am your newest follower.I look forward to read more of your posts. Marelie@ Please come and check mine if you can.Thanks

  6. Community is so important, especially as we get so busy with children and our everyday lives and become somewhat isolated within our mother roles. Beautiful photos, your children are gorgeous!

  7. Very nice post. i love the pictures of your family. Life is indeed sweet and so is childhood. Enjoy.

  8. This is so nice, and so true. We all need something we feel a part of. We need something that we can join and embrace.

  9. Popping in from LBS.
    SO glad I did. Fabulous content, message, insight, photos & Love the song :)

  10. Beautiful photos.

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  11. Beautiful photo's, tks for stopping by today. I know it was horrible why blogger was down, Were you down also?

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  13. I am new here. I loved your post and photographs.

  14. I love your perception of belonging somewhere, be a group, or whatever. I feel exactly,the same. the older I get the more i think of it.
    tks for sharing such an amazing reflection.
    and yr pictures, come on girl you are photo pro, i wish i could have pic like that.
    rgds, dalyse

  15. ah, there's nothing like finding your tribe. it's pure magic. it's home.

    i've been surprised by finding one tribe online - so many amazing bloggers sharing their stories.

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