Monday, January 31, 2011


My garden smells of wet leaves a big contrast to the smell of sweet honeysuckle that lingers on the early summer nights. I am craving a summer night like no other and although I know my friends and family up north have been beaten by a long cold winter this Latina slash southerner feels it in her bones every time the thermometer reaches anything lower than 50.

Some folks say our humidity is unbearable in the summer season. I see it as my own portable spa. Since I moved to Savannah I look 10 years younger and every year my skin gets better and is aging as it should. 
Only in the dead of winter it becomes a nuisance when such air is dry and moisturizer is a must and needed.
I miss sitting outside watching sunrise... the sunsets... the birds come and go... and it makes me feel closer to everything... to the divine... to myself ... to others. 

I am constantly trying to connect all my life it has been a quest. As I've traveled and have met and known and discover my thirst is never quenched.  I search for more and to connect to man, to woman, to children, to the older and the wiser. All I do is search to connect and reconnect, evolve and reinvent myself and my surroundings... At times I am left puzzled at the absence of some that have come and gone and touch my life so very deeply. Some are here and some are missing but like clay I've molded... I've transformed.

aerial show I saw this weekend...

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer”

Albert Camus.

What I saw....


  1. yes it is very cold and I want it to be at least 85 degrees in my house at all times.
    my gas bill will be sky hight but id rather pay it than be misserable.
    looks like you had a nice time out.

  2. I live in the South to specifically avoid dealing with the cold. lol


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