Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Ode To Maia...

On Friday I watched in amazement at another opening night at the theater.
Thanks to Maia.
Applause please... and  bow.

She has entertained me, delighted me, and made me fall in love with her... over and over again.
I hope she always knows how lovely she is.
I guess all moms feel this way... and I apologize for gushing...but every time she walked on that stage somehow and someway...

The lights shine brighter... the music would become more intense... the play became better...

Cinderella 2011.

 And I watch her with such amazement mainly because as it happens at no time I've truly encourage her in this process.

Sleeping Beauty.

I've let her be.

Scheherazade 2009.

I am no stage mom. I am actually a bad influence on at least a monthly basis I try to convince her to miss rehearsals... stay with me watch a movie.
I guess that is why she might be in one of those movies one day and I cant even fathom the idea of attaining such goal.

Many times I have given her the option to quit and have more free time like the other kids have...

For her to indulge in whatever she chooses... even if it constitutes a flat screen.
But luckily she ignores me and continues...

Hansel & Gretel 2010

Steady...strong ... logical.
At times I wonder... really?
Did I have something to do with her... with her creation?
Because to me she is perfect.
And like I said... I guess all mothers must be feel this way but I was afraid that everyone at that theater could smell it coming out of my pores....


A celebratory Hot Cocoa with Caramel and Chocolate Syrup.

Like a lioness watching her cub...
Just pride...

 If I was John Keats I would've written something like this...

Fragment of an Ode to Maia

MOTHER of Hermes! and still youthful Maia! 
   May I sing to thee 
As thou wast hymned on the shores of Baiae? 
   Or may I woo thee 
In earlier Sicilian? or thy smiles 
Seek as they once were sought, in Grecian isles, 
By bards who died content on pleasant sward, 
   Leaving great verse unto a little clan? 
O give me their old vigour! and unheard 
   Save of the quiet primrose, and the span 
   Of heaven, and few ears, 
Rounded by thee, my song should die away 
   Content as theirs, 
Rich in the simple worship of a day.

I hope your weekend was filled with sweet moments...

Now and before I go I want to invite you to read my guest post at Indie Ogden tomorrow... Mikki will be our guest blog here at La Dulce Vida on Monday and I will be guest blogging on hers...
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  1. Hi! You are very welcome! Glad you enjoyed my makeup post. This post is adorable!

  2. Well my dearest cousing, your words of expression leave me breathless and inspired. Like you I have such love for my children. You on the other hand, have chosen correct paths to transmit all your ideas, goals, dreams and have passed them on to Maia. Because I remember how talented you were too. You just didn't have the same support in your parents as you give to your little princess. She will go very far with you love, dedication, encouragement and support.

    I admire you and I love you!!!

  3. It's true, when you look at your children and see how different they are from you and even each other you can't help but wonder how all the magical bits of the universe came together to create a living miracle.

    With your unconditional love and support I know your children will always continue to flourish.

    The poem is a beautiful expression of your love.


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