Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In search of...

Peace and stability is everything I crave these days when everything is just so simple is when I am at my best. In the mornings we are moving so slow that it becomes the afternoon before I even notice the am hours have vanished. Snuggling up to Mia and nursing her cold are taking a priority at the moment. The phone calls, the emails they all can wait is... quiet time...Shhhh...

We are loving Carrots and Sweet Potatoes hence the celebratory Veggie Hat.
I retreat with the earth in the winter time. I grow silent and reflective not certain if it has to do with the Caribbean Sea that was a witness to my birth and those were the waters that christened me.
I also think that when we are conscious of our personal uniqueness, limitations and our universal nature we
express ourselves with such creativity and we fulfill our dreams and our life purpose while we listen to our higher self. I am on my path to wholeness or at least I am trying.
Therefore I am listening and paying close attention...

Colombian Roast.

Wherever you are I hope you take time to enjoy the sweet life and carry the warmth of the summer sun in your hearts.


  1. Your little girl has the most beautiful, full lips! And a very sweet veggie hat! :)

  2. Cute baby; love the hat! I like to retreat in winter also...at least as much as is possible. I always do my best to enjoy the sweet life...and to make it even sweeter :)

  3. Stumbled across your blog via SeededBuzz and am now your latest follower! I am always in search of blogs by like-minded bohemian mothers who love art and travel (as do I).

    Your posts are very lyrical - I will be back for more!

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog


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