Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I've Learned in 2010...

I've learned is worth it when you travel a thousand miles to say your last goodbyes. I learned that is never too late to say I love you. I also learned that time is the longest distance between two places.

Jose Miguel Aponte 1978-2010.

I've learned that I love and adore babies. Specially when they wear pink.

I've learned there are so many beautiful,caring and supportive people and sometimes we don't take the time to acknowledge that.

I've learned to be resourceful and so very creative when need it.

I've learned to get in touch with old loves. My past creative endeavours provided me with a voice and unlike an old lover those creative outlets are there welcoming me with arms wide open.

I've learned to protect myself and my heart from useless heartache and pain.

I've learned to exchange equally and draw boundaries.

I've learned that it's OK to fall apart but is not OK to stay there.

I've learned that I need my Mother.

I've learned that happiness is created.

I've learned that I can be completely unapologetic about the woman I've become.

I've learned that to reinvent and recreate you need space and alone time.

I've learned that everything that has happened to me since August 1972 has a reason and a purpose...
and there are no regrets baby...

Until 2011... Stay Sweet!


  1. Great lessons and what a beautiful visual journey through the ups and downs of your 2010.

  2. Life lessons that will take you further in your life's journies. Glad I popped by! :>

  3. This is a very lovely reflection.

  4. ~~~Beautiful. Inspiring. Profound. xX


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