Monday, December 13, 2010

The night the lights went out in Georgia...

I had a beautiful post typed. Describing our trip, my experiences and what I went through with my brother on his last hours alive.  It was raw and for a second I thought here I am completely naked for the world to see. I was about to add the photos that accompanied my story when my electricity shut off. For a second the lights went out and shut down my computer prompting it to restart. I was hoping my word document was still there as it rebooted. I had already typed over 1300 words. Describing my mothers pain how I felt once I got home. Praising Jorge for being Casey’s (husband) perfect understudy and taking care of the baby while I was too busy falling apart. I wrote about Mia’s 1st airplane ride and how proud I was she did not cry once and stared at those babies that did cry.
Describing how when I got home to Savannah and saw my Christmas tree in the carport still tied to the twine used for the transportation of it all I wanted to do was to set it on fire.  I was angry, bitter and in pain and I was describing it all with fluidity and ease. Made some allegorical stories even wrote some poetry like Neruda.

Mia was wonderful during our trip and she smiled and was happy through our journey.

I also shared how my battalion rallied and like the most experienced of tribes they strategically did everything to make my holidays at least pretty and peaceful. They decorated the tree in white and silver. Yes, silver, like the silver cord of life which has been described as being smooth, very long, very bright, like an elastic cable made of light, about an inch wide, sparkling like a tinsel on a Christmas tree, and attached to one of several possible locations on the physical body.
The term is derived from Ecclesiastes 12:6-12:7 in the Old Testament, from the KJV:
"Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it."

Here I share my tribe’s efforts…
The tree.

More likely it will be a long and consuming road to healing and we won’t forget him, he who touched our lives and was a vital aspect of my life all I know is one thing is for sure… Life is short and so sweet and forever I will celebrate him and the legacy he left behind.

 from top left The beautiful niece my brother left us with my sister in law Virginia... with my, , Mia and sister in law with Mia.

I am now on the road to peace and tranquility... Maia does everything and anything to make me laugh...

Maia trying to put a smile on me... She succeeded. 

So please stay tuned… Until then... Stay Sweet!


  1. I hope time brings you the healing and reconciliation you need, Adriana. I have been thinking of you, we need to get together and just chill soon.

  2. Oh man, sorry u lost all ur data. I'm suprised nothing was saved since even Blogger has auto save now.

    I'm glad you're writing, especially poetry where one can truely express themselves. Para mi es siempre un gran desahogo.

    I love the warm glow of your tree and your girls are pure sugar. You have raised an amazing family girlie. xo

  3. @ Hecates TY hun for thinking of me and because I know you guys will help my soul mend.

    @Letty I was using Microsoft Word not the blogger. I know it sucked but then I thought maybe he (my brother) did not like it...LOL

  4. Thinking of you today...and your family, too.

    Your tree looks lovely.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    (Just popped over via Blog Frog!)


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