Monday, November 22, 2010

Camera... Lights... Turkey...

November is coming to an end and I am full of nostalgia, melancholy and all those feelings that the only way I can verbalize and form an image for you is if I explain what it looks like… and it looks like... lace… because the memories are intricately entwined and woven and they form a pattern but you can’t see where it begins and or ends... And chaos can be beautiful. I’ve written about the beauty of madness, breakdown, chaos and all things that are supposed to be ugly and messy but there is a divine order to everything therefore I try to find beauty in those chaotic messes that life’s deals to us… This shell is an example of the chaos theory the unpredictability of patterns makes this shell a one of a kind item therefore making it unique and beautiful. Although all conus textile shells have similar patterns they are not exactly the same… and we can all connect and sympathize with the pain, feelings , emotions that someone else around us is going through but we are all unique in the process of absorbing and growing and specially healing. Photobucket In other news… This weekend I watched Maia in wonderment. My girl is a thespian. This is her 10th musical theater production. I am amazed and in awe of her. She is fearless, confident, bold and magnificent. I respect her and her ideas and for this reason at times I’ve become the student and she the teacher. Her wisdom is a bottomless well of creative ideas and the bountiful soul she possesses has allowed me to learn how to love unconditionally… no limits…no boundaries… like letting go of a rollercoaster with your hands up in the air type of love. The kind of love you only have for your children but should embrace the world with it. This tiny soul without asking or explaining offers me such great gifts and life lessons… I am humbled. adrianairis adrianairis adrianairis Her sister and friends brought her flowers after the show… So very appropriate. adrianairis adrianairis Is a holiday week and we are looking forward to the friends and family that will be joining us at the table. I am thankful, grateful and feel blessed of this sweet life of mine… Enjoy and be grateful!


  1. Hi! I’m following you now from Making Friends Monday. Please follow my blog of inspiring quotes and poems! I also post on my “Inspire” Facebook fan page three times daily. Thanks!

  2. I for one cannot wait until Thursday! See you then, luvey!

  3. Isn't it amazing to see your children performing?! My little girl sings in a choir and it is amazing. Your girls are gorgeous. You've done an amazing job with your blog. One can really feel from your words, pictures and your 'about me' description how, as you say, you are "inspired by all things beautiful in life." It shows. And you inspire.

  4. TY you are sweet as a newbie I am trying my darnest and I thank all the comments. =)
    TY TY TY.


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