Monday, October 25, 2010

La Vie Boheme...

Bohemia is not dead. Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. In this context, Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.  With that in mind I must tell you my little city never disappoints and contributes immensely to such lifestyle and she always rolls out the red carpet for me and my friends as if we were a bunch of Hollywood A list celebrities. The thing is we are not really wealthy but we do it with such style. 
This weekend did not disappoint…We went to a couple of weddings and performances by friends… This was baby Mia’s 1st Wedding she behaved beautifully.

Some of the beautiful people I saw...

On Saturday we danced at the park under the full moon to drum beats, didgeridoos, glow sticks, lasers and all sorts of beautiful light sources…
“Life is the sacred mystery singing to itself, dancing to its drum, telling tales, improvising, playing”

And how did Sunday go?  Nothing to cry about… This was my view… and…
I was surrounded by friends, my lovely husband and amazing food… I am a little tired is Monday the beginning of another week but this is Halloween week and guess what that makes life taste so sweet…


  1. I just so happened to totally love this post...something you read and it inspires're a beautiful writer.

  2. I think society in general is becoming more bohemian as time goes by. We are all trying to move away from convention and create our own worlds. Awesome pics.

  3. bohemian indeed!
    I think that we all have a bit of it in us, even if we don't live it out loud. Thanks so much for the reminder of my bohemian side. I seem to have put it aside for the past 7 weeks, but it's time now to remember where i put it!

  4. I agree--the bohemian life is very much alive. I found your blog on Blog Frog, and am now following. Glad to meet you!


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