Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shhhh… I dare you…

Spring_Blossom There is something so soothing and peaceful when I go out to my yard and play in the dirt. So many sensations as well as dreams and hopes of what I am about to plant. It is one of those things that I can’t control where I only initiate and then let Mother Nature takes it course.

As I dig through the dirt and get into the rhythm of things I tend to drift away and my mind begins to travel from childhood memories to teenage years and at times I can find myself solving issues that I have at hand but yet my mind never comprehends because it doesn’t find that solitude and silence that at times is so needed. Silence is so underrated the grass grows, flowers bloom, the sun and the moon move all in silence but yet we can’t seem to find a space to enjoy such.

So my blog is more of a dare… I dare you to be silent to listen to the wind and enjoy the silence. To uncluttered your mind of all that noise and at times toxic thoughts and words and just be. You might find it to be uplifting and regenerative and if like me you do it while playing in the dirt you might find it rewarding as well at the times of your harvest.

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