Sunday, July 4, 2010

Born On The 4th Of July

Born On the 4th Of July…

Mimi, Stella, Estrellita (little star), Ella, itty bitty, fairy child, tiny one, sweetie, baby fae, Mamita and so many more is going to take a miracle for you to understand which one of these is your real name. Like a shooting star Mia Stella came to the world on July 4th with no warning she surprised the family that has been eagerly waiting for her for so long. As most Americans I had made plans to entertain some friends and light up some fireworks with the other children perhaps swim a bit. But she had plans of her own she was ready to come out and celebrate her independence day. After a few hours of contractions and labor pains my body was not advancing towards a natural delivery so here we go the dreaded C-Section.

As I laid there on my cross at the mercy of an unknown doctor because of course mine was out of town celebrating his independence, I wondered if I still had time to change my mind. I really wanted to go home and since I was only 38 weeks pregnant I wanted to extend her stay in my womb until the 40th week. I’ve never felt so helpless and vulnerable. We forget how fragile we can be and how to let go when we have no control over certain situations. Never had I’ve been so scared in my life even though this is my third child, I’ve never gone into labor early and I felt I was not ready. I did not even have time to pack up my camera I thought and I should have gotten my pedicure taken care of and of course I forgot to call my mother and In-laws to let them know it was time. All this non sense was running in my head until the smell of burnt flesh took over all of my senses and I knew the time was near and I will finally meet her face to face.

As I looked into my husbands’ eyes quickly I went back to the first time I ever saw him and how quickly and madly I had fallen in love with him. I am so lucky to have him and glad he had chosen me as his wife, friend, lover, companion and the mother of his children. As soon as this realization took place I heard my substitute doctor said: “She is here at 7:42 PM a girl and she is beautiful“. A few seconds later as I heard her cried my eyes filled with tears of joy and by 7:43 PM I once again had fallen in love. In love with a 6 pound 14 ounce baby girl that looks just like him and has his eyes and so very glad she chose us and to come into our lives and change it forever. Welcome to the world Mia Stella and yes my love all those fireworks were just for you. Happy 4th Of July everyone.

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