Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Love Potion

champagne-strawberry_jpg When making a cocktail for your loved one make sure you entice all the senses into a euphoric journey. Long gone are the days when we thought things as  love potions and love elixirs were only for witches and obsessed girlfriends. Erotic brews with liquor and imbued with herbal and deliciously scented fruits and flowers are perfect to alter and heighten the state of awareness while offering a relaxing experience to the recipient. Awakening the senses of our partner can lead us to awakening oneself inner desires and pleasurable feelings.

When all of our senses are engaged a sense of relaxation and ecstasy can be easily created in our environment these tricks can also be used in situations that perhaps are not specifically romantic. These magical ideas can also be used to create a mood among guests and friends at your next gathering. When you think of yourself and begin to take care of yourself is the most magical and bewitching act you could ever concoct changing the outlook and the ability to see the panoramic view will help greatly with each relationship you embark on romantic and personal.

I personally challenge you to try to recapture the essence of romance and lift your relationship from the dull and common to a unique everyday experience. Pay attention to details in this process from the freshest ingredients to the most beautiful flowers, herbs and colors that you can find. The infusion and transmutation of energy is captured in everything we touch and will increase the effectiveness of your final product. Remember to honor yourself in the process and use the light of a beautiful Full moon to always serve as a backdrop to your romantic evening. Bewitching, magical, powerful, sensual and self aware that’s the Goddess inside of you… unleash her today!

Spring Berry Awakening – You will need a good handful of fresh strawberry leaves or 1 tablespoon of dried; 1 cup of white wine; a very juicy lemon; 2 teaspoons of sugar (optional); 3 ½ ounces of wild (can be substituted by cultivated) strawberries; 1 bottle of good quality champagne.

• First make a decoction from the leaves by placing them in rapid boiling water for about 10 minutes until the liquid reduces to half. Set aside until is completely cool. Strain all liquid into a jug and pour in the wine and lemon juice. Add sugar if desired and steep for several hours in the refrigerator. From sunrise to sunset is a perfect amount of time. Chill two glasses in the freezer for 30 minutes prior to serving. Slice strawberries thinly put them in the glasses before pouring your chilled mixture top with chilled champagne and decorate the edge of the glass with a strawberry. A few sips of this should provide a little rush of cheer.

True Love’s Brew- You will need ½ lime, cut in wedges; splash of rose water; ½ ounce rose syrup; 3 rose petals, cleaned; 2 ounces Raspberry rum; 2 ounces Brut Champagne

• Muddle the lime, rose water, rose syrup and rose petals in a shaker, and then add the Raspberry rum and ice. Shake and pour in a high ball glass, then top with Champagne.

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