Thursday, July 17, 2014


I am sitting around in this cafe where for the price of a cappuccino and a scone I get to conduct a few business meetings. Artists' lack of space has always been an issue. I sit in this cafe which reminds me of the bohemian era of Montparnasse in France. 

There and for many years artists were so poor they would rent a table to create and conduct their work. The resemblance to bohemian Paris is evident. Then, many masterpieces were drawn unto napkin paper as well as poetry that would make a grown man weep. Art that was lost in exchange of tobacco or a bottle of wine. 

The artist movement is filled with such sacrifice and hunger. The artist is the innovator and dictator of trends. Artists are the manufacturer of visual beauty and new standards. Artists will create the new sounds and lyrics that will speak for a nation of repressed individuals. Music can guide towards freedom and for the ones already free it will turn you into a believer and maker of love. 

There is a Bohemian Montparnasse in each city. It is the artist the one that can't even afford him/herself. 

While the Bourgeoisie claims and steals ideas that are birthed in places such as small cafes, park benches even subway stations where most geniuses gather and meet with ideas fresher than your farm to table consumption... It is the artist that struggles to buy an apple. 

Or in this case... another scone.

We are gulping the summertime as if our life depends on it. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer days and nights.


  1. How beautiful, Adriana. This is all in Savannah? Letty and I were chatting last night about coming for a visit. I hope your ears were ringing. Miss you. xoxo

  2. I am and loving seeing a little peek of yours xxx

  3. I love the fireworks photo! That's amazing!

  4. i'm starting to feel that you're doing with savannah what i did with oxford my last years there - making my own paris by carefully controlling the light - loving this & you x


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