Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sands of Time...

Trying my hardest to grab onto this thing called time. I try to hold it between my hands, to make it stand and stop and be still. Wishing it wasn't ruthless and would just wait for me. Time, continues to betray me. The other night at the very last minute I remembered I had scheduled a conceptual shoot for the following day. The music festival left me flying so high it slipped my mind and with no location or wardrobe planned... I decided to go ahead and do the shoot. The images reflect that I,  in fact, am struggling with time but not with ideas. As props we used things I found in the trunk of my car.  As a backdrop we used the skies and the sand. So here it goes... 

Sand Clock...

Model: Blair W.
Photographer: Adriana Iris
PA: Ms. M
Location: The Desert

Thanks Blair you were the perfect muse...

Enjoy the weekend next post will be all about St. Patrick's and the celebration in Savannah, GA. For now... Erin Go Bragh! 


  1. Whew! Your photographs are AMAZING. I've never been good with conceptual photography, or I guess had the courage to even attempt it. However, you are crushing it. Keep it up :)

  2. She is so breathtaking, as are your photographs and concepts! Just amazing how you "threw" this together at the last minute. Love it.

  3. Pure PERfection.


  4. Amazing, sometimes the last minute ideas are the best xxx


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