Saturday, March 1, 2014


I've had some trying times as of lately but I continue crashing the walls of these cages.  Riding this constant ebb and flow provides me with an innate balance. I hang ten and surf these waves. Inspired by the weight we carry in our shoulders as well as the ideas of my subject and breaking out of my comfort zone we created Atlas. 

Model: Chris R.
Photography: Moi
Location:  Troup Square Savannah, GA and  Outer Space.

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Hope you are enjoying the weekend and please stay sweet.


  1. That is an amazing picture on so many levels. I was thinking about all the book covers with guys with the supposed (probably painted on) 8 packs (smile) and yet you have capture the innate masculinity of Chris R. and he IS Atlas. Amazing!! Words come... such as virile, powerful, strong, with the world on his shoulders. WOW.

    1. Thanks Nan. You always have the best comments and insight. :)


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