Monday, December 9, 2013

Painting By Numbers...

My favorite day of the week will always be Sunday. I woke up yesterday with the need to paint something and I wish I could pick up a brush and color all the colors of the rainbow and show you all these deep emotions with brushstrokes. 

Instead... I sculpt and paint with light. 

Marquis has stood in front of my camera a few times before and I love working with him because of his enthusiasm and love of art and fashion. 

A few things you must know about the making of this image...

The day was cloudy, drizzly and cold. 
We broke a few laws and trespassed.
I fell on my behind (again) in the woods and proceeded to laugh hysterically.
There are hundreds of images that we caught in our adventure.
We got caught by some man and his dog.
The man was missing a few of his front teeth.
The man took us deep into the woods which provided me with that spooky adrenaline rush think Blair Witch Project.
The man took us through a magical place that reminded us of Narnia.
I ended up hugging this man and making a new friend.

Birds Calling...

Model: Marquis S.
Photography: Moi.
Location: Forget About It...

Thanks to my muses for always being so amazing...

Happy New Monday...


  1. Oh my gosh, Miss A. These leave me speechless. They take my breath away. LOVE them. You always inspire me.

  2. Gorgeous. Very rich with color and texture.
    Why the heck are you always falling?! lol


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