Monday, September 30, 2013

What Dreams May Come...

There are times when photos can tell the whole story. Then there are times when photos and the creation of them is so magnificent and powerful, full of strength and determination that the image itself can't tell the full story. 

Behind the scenes is when those moments happen. The exchange of ideas, visions and vulnerabilities. The jokes that no one hears and you wish your images could also carry the sound of the laughter and the sounds of the words and the confessions that are so deep... 

My quill is not long enough to reach the depth of it all. 

Behind the Scene Shots from Cathy Lou's Instagram

When you create images and before you even enter the darkroom to work you already know you have created something magical to me that is a really good day.

It is Monday and I am riding high...
Adding to the Dream Series is easy. The beautiful people that I am surrounded by and Savannah GA you just never disappoint this girl in the search for adventure. This would be Part One of the shoot with Wendy next installment we play in water but for now...

Mary Poppins...
Model: Wendy P.
Photography: Adriana Iris
PA: Cathy Lou
Location: Butterbean Beach, GA

Thanks to Cathy for being the best PA ever and Wendy you are so beautiful I thank you a thousand times... 

Wendy P. 

Hope your weekend was wonderful and Happy first day of October...


  1. The drama in the different shades of green - if this were a painting, I'd buy that first one! So beautiful on many different levels.

  2. Good God these photos are insane. Amazing!

  3. These are AMAZING! I'm so jealous of the awesomesauce oozing from these photos.

  4. Superb.
    Is the weather truly like this outside?
    You. Are. Gifted.
    & Loved. Xx

  5. Beautiful, the sky is so mystical my imagination is cranking away inventing ... inspiration


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