Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Adriana from Savannah went on a mountain
She packed a few strawberries and bananas
She hiked a few hills softly and quite still
Once upon a mountain she came upon a time.

She felt young and too easy
She was singing songs from the Appalachia
They were not from Zambia
Some were sad and hollow
As they all produced sorrows

At night she could hear the ants breathing and the spiders weaving
The dead of night would let you hear the roots digging
The moon broke the clouds with no effort not even an echo

She drank from the springs and placed river stones on her tongue
All in hopes of learning a new language
It proved to be quite a challenge
For all her friends were gone.

 photo waterfall_zps8eb6516d.jpg

 photo rocks_zpsefea9bab.jpg

Happy Midweek...


  1. Hiking through the mountains sounds wonderful.

  2. That was kind of sad yet it wasn't. How do you do that? Excellent writing. You can see faces in that rock - what's important is that you have to be looking for them - and you were! Love your pictures.

  3. beautiful words and images!!!
    My favorites part of your poem is the third stanza, spiders weaving, roots digging, love it.

  4. Love hiking in the mountains. Beautiful photos!

  5. Beautiful snaps! Wow. Can I come over?

  6. Great photos, I had no idea you had a butterfly in your blog banner header! For me anytime I can be in nature is a wonderful moment. Sometimes it's a very somber moment of reflection, and others just a time to let your mind go blank and wander. I of course have learned to follow the butterfly anywhere it may lead!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  7. I would love to to that! Great photos!

  8. "The dead of night would let you hear the roots digging"

    Buenisimo & oh so Bohemian. I loved it. BB2U

  9. Love walking in the mountains!

  10. Wonderful. I love it. <3 Follow for follow?
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