Monday, June 17, 2013

About Creativity...

We make connections constantly. 
We are constantly connecting the dots. 
Now this could be attributed to our creative mind or the fact that our minds just wander.
We are all creative whether we paint like Picasso or not. 
We are constantly creating ways to solve problems and situations in our heads. 

At times some accuse you of not paying attention while they are speaking. Not your fault entirely. It was that something that they said that sparked your creativity like a flash, like lightning. Your brain felt it was time for problem solving and you have to listen. Scientist have said that the most creative moments occur when we are doing something that break us out of our routines. When we expose our brains to new experiences the brain makes new connections allowing us to be more creative. These new connections are forced to create patterns in our brains creating more ideas. 

Then the concept brings me to the subject of why do we have the best ideas at the most irrational times. That one feeling we get as if the muses are speaking through us. If you are writer you feel the taping of the keys gets faster or your pen writes faster as if possessed by a ghost.  Painters splatter the paint on the canvas. Chefs cut and chop faster and add new spices. When our minds begin to wander and when we are relaxed it is then when we are at our creative height.

To be creative you must let your mind be free. Sometimes it is when I am doing the dishes. On a mountain of soap suds as the warm water runs through my fingers and while I am using my lemon basil detergent. I get lost since the repetitive action allows my mind to wander in a safe environment. Diggin in the dirt and gardening does it as well.When we are mowing a lawn or folding clothes. My mind wanders and I am at the most creative point.

Or when I am reading and the light shines through the window...

Instagram Freak...

When does creativity hit you?
When are you the most creative?
It is Monday go out and create.
Happy New Week.


  1. ***If you are writer you feel the tapping of the keys gets faster or your pen writes faster***

    Yes! What a exquisite feeling this it, what a sensational rush...almost like being thrown into another universe.

    Xxx LOVE to you, Sweets.

  2. I do know that feeling. I get it when writing and when drawing. If I over think it, it vanishes. I have to just go with it. Sometime I look back at whatI have done and i'm surprised like someone else did it. x

  3. Creativity is a funny little girl, so fickle that she wants to hit me when I'm busy with something else.


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