Monday, November 5, 2012


This weekend was a no fuss and no complications type of weekend. I wanted everything to just slow down and sometimes we get what we need. So much going on and so much sadness in our country that I shift my focus to finding solutions. Becoming a warrior instead of a worrier. I took that spirit with me throughout the weekend...


I am so happy... Those were the words muttered by him at around midnight while the wood was burning in the fireplace and a unscheduled cup of coffee was being consumed. To me it was so much more beautiful than the words I love you. Those are the words that I constantly long to hear being addicted to them the way I am and all but I am so happy it sounded like a symphony.


The following are images that I took while waiting for someone to do a shoot for. 
This is what I saw when I looked up...


When I looked down...


Tomorrow is election day exercise your right to vote this warrior will be at the polls.

And if you wish to help those that are in need at the moment.
You can donate your help in the following ways:

* Text REDCROSS to 90999 to quickly and easily donate $10
* Text STORM to 80888 to quickly and easily donate $10 to the Salvation Army
* Text HUMANE to 80888 to quickly and easily donate $10 The Humane Society is working to rescue animals that were left behind and to provide shelter.

Or you can make donations to specific areas affected by the storm:
* The items on this Amazon Wish List go directly to Staten Island Sandy Relief.
* The items on this Amazon Wish List go directly to Moms New Jersey Sandy Relief.
* For Far Rockaway Recovery, click here.
* See New York Times list of ways in which you can help.

Or Visit the Red Cross website.

One more...


Happy Monday peeps... Stay Sweet!


  1. Oh Adriana que bello este post. Como me inspiras con tus obras. Gracias. xo

  2. I am so have you as a friend. Miss u.

  3. I know what you mean my friend...sometimes only the camera captures the things that really feed out soul with happiness..i am glad you are happy! LOVE U!

  4. Tu esposo is the sweetest, Adri. Thank you for sharing your beauty. Te extraño tanto. Besos y abrazos.


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