Monday, August 20, 2012

'Cause I am easy...

Sunday morning I sat outside in my backyard while I waited for the girls to rise. The song of the cicadas quickly puts me in a trance. There are at least a million of them around me I can hear them. I can sense them. Millions of madly, insanely male cicadas lusting for their female counterpart. It's a love song a mating call and she can hear it. Their begging call traveling through the trees ... "mate her". This will be the choir, the symphony that will take me all the way into the Fall.


He sensed I had risen early and even on his day off he wishes to cease the day. He finds me and looks around. He sees the bright sun and me in some far away land with my eyes shut. The blue water calls him and he jumps right in... The sound of water brings me back to the present time and I document this moment.


Sundays are easily my favorite day of the week. Its the stillness and easiness on a Sunday morning that lures me in like the female cicadas fall for the mating call. It is on this glorious Sunday morning where I have now attended church and made peace. I feel as if I am one with the cosmos. It is this sunshine and the world around me that makes me feel like a queen...


And just like the bumblebee I am diving in head first...


This week I plan to finish and fully conceptualize the next photography project. A road trip to Atlanta is also coming up the next week. A road trip with a girlfriend sounds like good medicine. We are staying with some friends which holds the promise of laughter and late night stories. Thanks to State Farm for giving this blogger tickets to see Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias in Atlanta. I will make sure to document and even video some of our hooligans and shenanigans on the long drive.


I hope you had a peaceful weekend.


Happy Monday peeps and please stay sweet.


  1. A sweet and seductive post- como la escritora.

    Watch out Atlanta, Adriana anda pa'ya!


  2. OMG these pics are amazing!!! That bee in flight!
    Love the wood pictures too.
    Now I have that song in my head...
    Love it!

  3. Stopping by (and now following) from Exposure 99% Weekday Blog Hop. Nice blog =]

  4. Just when I think I can't love you more you go ahead and write something like not only make me laugh but you make me dream. Thank you.

    I wish I was closer to you, so close that I could just go knock at your door right now...ok, let's be honest, I would not knock...I would just come in and make myself at home. not what you say Adriana, is how you say romantic to talk about bugs the way you do.

    I thought you were are writer....but you are a poet.

    1. With friends like you is quite easy to get inspired.

  5. Ohh! I"m your 1000 follower now! Lucky number?

    Here from the GFC Blog Hop..nice to meet you!

    These pictures are beautiful!


  6. beautiful words adriana. i love sundays too - such a rejuvenating time. and you are so talented at photographer - wow! Just found your blog from the hop and excited to be your newest follower!


    ps. stop by and say hi at when you get a chance!

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  8. Stopping by from the GFC Hop! Loving your blog.

    If you have time, stop on by my blog and say hello!
    Ali @ All Things Pink & Sparkly

  9. beautiful shots, Sunday is easily now my favourate day of the week too xxx

  10. This is lovely - thanks so much for linking up!


  11. Hello fellow I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop-er! I actually recognize your blog from other blog hops. Please check out my blog, if you haven't already. (And follow.) Have a great week.


  12. maravillosas maravillosas maravillosas fotos.... pedazo de artista!!!
    Un besazo

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    Anissa from Chasing Hailey

  14. I love your writting style
    and your pics are so pretty

  15. Beautiful pictures!

    New follower from the Blog Hop! Glad I found you!

  16. Newest follower via the gfc blog hop :) look forward to reading more of your posts.


  17. Found you through the blog hop! Beautiful blog you have here? Please tell me what site you went to for the music. I had stream pod, but after awhile it stopped working and I couldn't replace it. Just joined on your GFC. I hope you will come by for a visit soon! I'm at and again, please let me know about the music!

  18. Those are just amazing photographs!
    I am now a follower of your blog. Do visit my blog when you get a chance!

  19. Adri, I'd never seen a cicada. It's actually kind of adorable with it's little suit of armor. : )

  20. Those loud cicadas are my soundtrack memory of Savannah. Now every time I hear them, I will be reminded.

  21. Wonderful, Girl-y, Mom-my, post! Love the photos!

    I'd like to share this at

    Thank you!

  22. I wish you the best for your project in Atlanta.

    You know this post had me wishing that I was present in the scene of the pictures you had posted. The pictures and the words make me crave for a distant place which exists somewhere in the depths of my soul.

    Thanks, dear friend.

    Joy always,

    P. S: Sorry Adriana, I didn't see that my husband was logged in. Rayson is my husband. So I had to delete that comment.

  23. There is nothing like the peace of a Sunday morning . . . Your photos are exquisite as always, Adriana, and I enjoyed each one.
    Have a safe and happy trip to Atlanta and, yes, take lots of photos! :)

  24. Such a calming post and wonderful pictures to add to the mood.

  25. Hi! Love the photographs.
    Great post.

  26. cause im eeeeeeeasyyyyyyy easy like Sunday mooooorning! ugh how come I never saw this post?? now I get your comment! LOL you made me miss Savannah now even more....cause I was alreading missing you and those deep conversations we had..... sniff sniff

  27. #1 your music scared me when it started ha ha
    #2 great photos
    #3 new follower


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