Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Few Things I Understand...

There are a few things I understand about fairy tales.
I understand Cinderella moments like its no ones business.
I understand the battles between good and evil.
I have seen my share of villains and heroes.
I also understand the power of true love.


Ms.M had her Cinderella moment this year when she went to her first dance.
On that night she let her hair down from the constrains of her usual ponytail. She took the frames off her face to show her eyelids decorated with gold glitter which would match the yellow on her dress and the sunset in the back.

Yes, she had a Cinderella moment that evening.
One that I carefully planned for her...


Last night she wanted to wear a black dress for her graduation.
The one her grandmother sent for her from Puerto Rico guaranteeing uniqueness.
She wanted to make another statement one more subdued and appropriate for the day of a special graduate.
But we could not find the belt that went with the dress.
The belt is what made the dress.
At 10pm she gave up her search and humbly agreed to repeat her yellow dress.
At midnight it hit me.
There are a few things I understand about fairy tales.
One of those things is that we all need a fairy godmother.


Armed with a flashlight I searched until 2:45 am when the belt appeared.
Like a magical ribbon from the bottom of the toy chest.
The belt as if mocking me laying there between some Polly pockets and a Little Pony collection.
I let a loud crackle not a laugh a manic like yip at almost 3 in the morning.
Victorious I hung the black dress with all the accessories on her closet door.


Today my girl graduated with honors and I could not be prouder.
Today I am certain everyday fairy tales do happen...


Let the summer season begin peeps...


  1. I so wish I had the time to write the response this deserves. But I am trying to understand a few things about adult responsibility and family, so this will have to be an exmple of ...Delayed gratitude. ;)

  2. Que belleza... que orgullo!!! Felicidades para ambas!

  3. So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down...I’ll carry you home !!!!!

  4. She looks so beautiful, so proud of that girl! I love her pony tail .
    I love this post !

  5. What fabulous photos! She's gorgeous, Mom :)

    Stopping by from Hop Along Friday! Added Twitter to the ways I'm following your blog.

  6. Congratulations!!! You should be proud, Adri. You've raised a beautiful and self-assured young lady. Que buena madre eres. Abrazos y besos a todos! xoxoxoxox

  7. si, las dos hijas son hermosas! y el nene ni se diga es un modelito! good job mom!! Maia we love u!

  8. Awww... this is so sweet. Congrats to your graduate and here's to a summer full of possibility!!!

    Following ya now from the Friday Hop. We're riding the wave of life at and I'd love it if you'd join us for the ride-- it'll be sweet, 'promise. Oh, oh and also we're sharing aloha here there and everywhere 'cause it's, well... it's Friday. Come join us for the ALOHA Friday HOP if you please.


  9. Hey there! I found you via the hop along hop and added myself to your followers! Maybe you could follow back? :) Also I wanted to invite you to come enter a huge Steve Madden giveaway I'm having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much lady!

  10. Dear Ms.M, Congrats on your graduation! I wanted to send you a little gift but your mom has not yet provided me with your home address to do so. She thinks that I will show up at her door step like a stalker. This might also be true but for now I just need it to send you something. She knows how she can contact me. Congrats again little lady. Well done!

  11. I'm not sure if it was the moving music, the theme of fairy tales {which I, too, have always connected to in a very real life way} or your obvious love and commitment to your daughter {I have two daughters also ... and I get to be their mother} ... but you made me cry!

    Thanks for stopping over at Party in Paris and sharing this precious conversation about your life. Beautiful and I'm so glad you found the black belt.


    1. thanks renee im so glad we connected. how we love those children.

  12. She is absolutely gorgeous in both dresses...your sweet Cinderella!
    What an amazing achievement :: good for her.

  13. B E A U T I F U L.

    ...just like her mommy.

    Congrats! Brava! Manifico! Xxxxxx

  14. An absolutely lovely story that captivated me as I started reading. What a pleasure to visit and find such wonderful and moving words woven from moments of your life.

    So very nice to meet you.


    1. debber been trying so hard to reply on your blog and i am having issues. all i wanted to say is thank you. because i know you have read and know we have connected.

  15. Congrats! such a beautiful post, I love the black dress! I'm a new follower from get connected blog hop :)

  16. Awe...Ms.M certainly had some magical moments. Love the way that they were captured. I am now following and found you via 'Mingle With Me' blog hop. If you have a chance stop by and visit me at
    Have a great day!

  17. aw she is so beautiful just like her mama! *waves* hey sorry its been so long, missed you xxxx


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