Monday, June 11, 2012

Excuse me...

Oh! how I hate those moments of silence where I don't write. Makes me feel irresponsible if I don't post a few words here and there. The camera was only taken for a ride once this weekend so the lack of images might be the reason why I had not posted. But here I am even with no images I speak and I do it out of love.

I have done many things out of love... I have sacrificed my body, time, youth and sanity. I have forsaken food and water to nourish another soul all out of love. I have renounced careers, ideas,education and knowledge. I have forsaken a few gods all in the name of love.

I have allowed and given power to anyone and anything with a cause except for myself. I have fertilized and propagated self pity all in the name of love. I have even compromised my political point of view in the name of love and acceptance.

But then self love creeps in... This feeling that some call selfish.  Anxious I know time is slipping through these fingers... on these hands of mine that each day look more primal. I find my voice and it is loud and full of ideas and knowledge. A strong voice that has been hushed way too many times. I wish to reclaim what I know now is rightfully mine.

But there is a hope because somewhere in the midst this story is being written.
I promised myself to get out there with my camera until then...
Stay sweet...


  1. Did you always have music playing on your blog?? I have been following you for a few weeks and only heard the music tonight. It is nice and relaxing. Thanks.
    I am really enjoying your posts. Hope you have a great and inspiring week. Cheers.

  2. Babe, out of love you allow me to be #evil and for that I thank you.

  3. Why don't we call it the painstaking fermentation of a wildly expensive and delicious wine? Love you! <3

  4. That dock looks like such a great spot to hang out.
    luv ya!

  5. can u take us all there? to that dock when we visit u?? :))

  6. ----But there is a hope because somewhere in the midst this story is being written.--

    Love love Love. Xxx

  7. 'I am Adriana hear me roar!' Here's to letting our true selves sing xxx


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