Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fresh Start...

My morning ritual consists of logging to the net checking my email... read the news. I also log to Facebook and share an image or quote something funny to connect and kind of say here I am... Present. Its my daily hello to all my friends on my list. Its almost as if I am keeping tabs on  my own existence. Its the same reason why I blog. To keep tabs on my own existence and you stumbling upon it only reaffirms it.

Today Monday my image was a simple one. One that said...  A Fresh Start.
Life has kept me so busy that I have not had the space and time to let my soul speak and my fingers do the walking and write. It is now a habit. A habit that feels like I am attending confession. One that makes me feel new each time I hit the publish post button. I am now addicted. Addicted to documenting my existence my reflections my anger and my frustrations. At times I might be careless in this process but I have the best intentions.

I write and as you are reading you must know that I can already feel it through my veins. That my pulse is being regulated and my heartbeat is slowing down and my eyes feel more rested. I can sense each muscle untangling as if each one of these words are the spell that breaks the curse.


I won't let regret take over and wonder and wish I would have found the space and time to write. I will just use this as a lesson... a memo to self... Going away will not bring me back.

I did go to a party this weekend the theme was Fire and Ice... I am quickly realizing late nights are hard on this body but the chance I get to connect and reconnect are priceless... A thing about artists... Artists usually run in packs even the tortured and those that claim the lives of a hermit. An artist will find a way to connect one way or another.


Now I find myself here and peace is laying on me like water.
I can finally say Happy Monday... It is a fresh start and this time I mean it.


Stay Sweet!


  1. It is addicting to write.. I can't do late nights like when I was younger. It still feels nice to try sometimes.

  2. Artists do indeed run in packs...even if we rarely have a chance to leave our front doors. One way or another, even digitally, we inspire and awe each other. You constantly inspire me :). I've known you for 12 years and you've never once stopped amazing me. Namaste ~

  3. Ah, makes me miss you and everyone seeing this. <3

    1. awww we miss you fiercely. you are one of those people that with one look its all it takes and a joke is born. xoxo

  4. Some wonderful photos here. You are right we do collect together....

  5. I can understand the addiction part..:-)

  6. I feel exactly the same about blogging and all that online stuff. You described it much more eloquently than I could though. xxx

  7. Te entiendo perfectamente.... a veces yo también pienso que soy un poco adicta.... pero me gusta, me hace sentir en pleno contacto con gente y me llena de vida.
    Preciosas fotos... preciosas sensaciones me transmites....

  8. Love the way you write!! And this party seems so much fun! Happy Easter! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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