Monday, February 6, 2012

A Stationary Journey...

This late night poet has found herself everywhere and nowhere and comfortable in any place you put her.
Working like a hermit late nights creating what-nots to entertain her fickle sensibilities...
I am a girl who delights in moonlit skies alone. I am never bored for I find something to do with my time...
Every Time.

French Sunday afternoon with Maia  @Paris Market

Never understood the sense of boredom all I crave is time to waste doing the things I love to do and creating seems to me like the best way to keep ones mind occupied. I guess I rather die of exhaustion than of boredom. The weekend was all about the home, the girls, macaroons, the Superbowl and getting back into the swing of things.

Left: Decorating with papers for Valentine's-Right: Best Macaroons in Savannah, GA

I've become the captain of a paperboat and we are sailing all seven seas and soon enough you will see the final creation...

Paperboat installation for upcoming Gallery Show.

Like a winter wolf I am feeling the chilly February full moon approaching. Twenty years ago on that February full moon I gave birth to my son. Like the rings on a tree those things stay with you and like markings on a tourists map the paths already traveled are highlighted...


I am taking in the end of winter soon enough Spring will be here in the southeast.
Happy Monday... Stay Sweet Peeps!


  1. Hi Hon I missed you but been unplugged for a while! Aw I too crave time to be busy doing nothing, by nothing I mean what ever I fancy xxx

  2. Ahhh, the last photo is a CLASSIC.

    Lovely. Just Lovely.

    Xxx KIss From Me to You.

  3. What a creative post -- the pictures and the words. I loved reading it. :)

    I'm popping over from the blog hop -- I hope you can stop by Gumdrop Pass and say hello when you get the chance.

    Have a good Tuesday <3


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