Thursday, January 5, 2012

About Love and Light...

Not everyday I am on top... Many times I've been low... So low...
I catch myself picking the dirt off my fingernails because they are filthy from scratching the ground.
It is the essence of such sorrow and sadness that fuels me to move forward.
I dig into the ground and dirt searching.
Trying to steal the inspiration from darkness.
Desperately trying to reflect light where it needs it.


So I search for love and light in most places. I might be guilty of being a hopeless romantic.
With certain notions and emotions... But I fight hard to stay in that one place... Full of love and bliss.
I understand that there will be days when my body aches and my mind will be clouded and the mundane will take over but that my love is love.


We are making plans for the Spring fertilizing the ground we walk upon...
Because nothing says love like planning our future.
As we watch our little saplings grow strong we become rooted and grounded.
I have a nephew coming in to see us and our beautiful town.
The local paper is sending me and my camera on more adventures...
From a Punk Rock concert to the Russian ballet.
We are looking forward to the weekend and all it has to offer...

Mia Stella morning sunlight on her sugar-spun like hair

Until then Stay Sweet Peeps!


  1. beautiful hon! Just beautiful xxx

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  3. Thanks for linking up this gorgeous post at Creation Blog Hop. Loved it :D

  4. --Punk Rock concert to the Russian ballet--

    Talk about two different worlds...

    Sort of like the darkness and light you were talking about.

    I love love love it here.

    You bring pleasure to the world. Xx

  5. Said beautifully!

    Following you via Weekend Creation Blog Hop. Please feel free to stop by and follow back if you like :) And Happy New Year!

  6. light and darkness cannot the light!


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