Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thirty Nine...

It is almost full moon... I noticed the moon as we swam underneath the stars while the moonlit sky was shining all around you... the moon revealing intricate silhouettes all around me... Like those Victorian shadow theatre plays I have always wanted to watch in the middle of some market in some European city... I inspect my surroundings the shape of the trees and of course your body...


When I was nineteen and a half years of age...
Yes, I did the math and mathematically that would be half of thirty nine...
I would have never thought I would want to celebrate so privately, quietly and dignified...

My Husband and I... August 10th 2011

I could not imagine I would be so happy with so many little things...
Little things that just add up to be a whole lot...
Yes, I did the math...
And all those little things add up to big things...

My universe...

Mi Familia


Thirty eight was painful...
Thirty eight was tough...
Thirty eight was sweet...
Thirty eight was lovely...



Thirty nine feels good...

I wish to wear and live it loud and proud...
I feel lucky and so very blessed to be here...
Tonight and underneath this moonlit sky...

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

I welcome thirty nine...



Stay Sweet Peeps...

It takes a long time to grow young...
Pablo Picasso. 


  1. happy birthday! 39 looks good! I'm almost there...

  2. Happy birthday!

    Your family is gorgeous as are your photographs :)

  3. A very happy birthday to you! 39 is beautiful on you!

  4. The forties get even better, amiga. Happy Birthday! You and your familia are beautiful. Todo parece un sueño, no? <3

  5. "And all those little things add up to big things..."
    ---Your universe is beautiful.
    The world is so much sweeter because you were born, my dear. :) xx Smashing photo of the family!!

  6. Happy birthday beautiful lady xxx

  7. You guys look great! I'll be 41 in 3 weeks! Eeeek! You and me. . We'll just age like fine wine, okay? Love the tree pic on bottom. Have a great night!

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  9. Happy birthday!

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  10. ahh, to be 39 again. No. Maybe not. I had alot of heartache during that year...50 is good. Life is simpler.
    I love this last tree photo. With all the spanish moss. I love trees. and photos of trees!
    Thank you, for being you. No matter how old.

  11. Thank you for following (but most especially for reading)! Happy of happiest birthdays! Your family is gorgeous and your photos are stunning.

  12. Happy Birthday...39 was a good year...wait until you hit your 40's. I'm working on mine, and added another one this past 27th of July. Where does the time go? :)

    I know the moon is officially tomorrow, but it looked pretty full tonight. Around 11:00 tonight (Friday), be sure to try and see the meteor shower. I'm hoping the brightness of the moon won't effect seeing it too much.

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  14. Happy birthday!! :) Thanks for following my blog! :) :) :)

    Your family is beautiful!!

    accidental encounters

  15. Felicidades, you have a beautiful family. I wish you health, peace & happiness.

  16. I am a new follower from the Friday hops. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photographs.

  17. Popping in from FTLOB! Happy birthday! Your blog is beautiful and pictures inspiring.

  18. You sure don't look 39. Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

  19. Happy 39th Birthday! :D
    These are just wonderful pictures.
    and you're kids look so adorable!

    I just came across your blog today. It's Very LOVELY :]

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  21. Happy 39th birthday, Adriana Iris! Embrace 39!
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  22. Happy Birthday to you. You are so beautiful and sweet. very encouraging to me about things in life. I thank you.

  23. all i can say is wow.

    you are such a positive person, so honest too.

    i love reading your blog an am super super glad i found you!

    p.s. your pictures are AMAZING. not only are you a great blogger but a wonderful photographer as well. dang girl you got it all going for you!

    - angie

    brians {and bryn} in bethel

  24. You are wearing 39 beautifully! Beautiful post. Beautiful family. Beautiful photos.

    Dropping off some love from the Wild Weekend Hop. <3 Already a follower.

    Smile and Mama With Me

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  26. gorgeous pics and fmaily. my paretns live in Savannah and we love going down there.

    I am following from the blog hop!


  27. Your outlook of 39 is as beautiful as your family! Thanks for sharing :)

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  28. Belated Happy Birthday, Adriana! Radiant at 39, e! :-) I love the photos!

    Take care and God bless you and your family. :-)


    Do say thank you to Alma from me for liking my fb page. Sweet and lovely girl. :-)

  29. wonderful shots...I love that spot in GA!!
    New Follower from Show Us Your Town!!!

  30. I want a fountain! I want a park! I want spanish moss! I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and you have a beautiful family!! I love spending quiet time in the evenings in the pool with Alpha Hubby - it is my fave time of the day.

  31. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun day. You have a beautiful family.

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