Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Lover...

Born under the summer sun makes you a lover of all things hot and fiery... The summer to me is everything that makes my heart happy... Camp-fires, smores, pool, beach, ice cream, star gazing, grilled food, summer evening rainstorms...

feeding turtles we waste time...

Lazy days that seem eternal...

watching the rain come down we waste time...

In reality I feel we are recharging...
We are feeling and storing all the heat for when the cold winter is here ravaging our souls...
Only then we can look up to the sky and with honesty wish for another summer season...
With the knowledge that once again it will be summer on those cold nights we smile and dream of summertime... and just like that we surrender to the power of the Summer...

Once again we will wish it and dream it...

remember the disco ball?! still going strong...

Lazy pictures....

I always want to marry the summer season but I am guilty of being the biggest of flirts... For when Fall starts creeping its way in... I am batting my eyelashes while I adorned myself and the home in browns and dark greens... I go to the market in search of the biggest and brightest pumpkins... Even though summer is totally hot kind of like my childhood crush...

It is gone before I know it...

girl is funny she knows it...

Each season turns me into a poet... for they are all filled with nothing but sweet promise...

Birthday Wishes....
August 9th is the birthday of the grandfather to my children... Happy Birthday "Jefe" ... We love you!


Embrace the summer with me...
What do you wish to do before the summer is gone?

Before I go and waste more time during the lazy days of summer...

Stay Sweet Peeps...


  1. Beautiful. I agree how each season beakons to us in it's own, sweet way.

  2. Love these photos, especially your little one pressed against the glass!
    I've been feeling so "lazy" lately and my husband said to me, "It's okay. It's summer."

  3. luv the funny faces.

    i cant believe summer is almost gone.

  4. Such sweet pictures. Gigi and I have been going to the park by us to feed the ducks and the geese. We spotted a turtle swimming while we were there. I will blog about soon.

  5. "Each season turns me into a poet... for they are all filled with nothing but sweet promise..."

    Love Love Love.


  6. Awww...happy birthday al "Jefe". :) I love that period in between the seasons too...and fall is my favorite so I've getting really excited about the upcoming change. This post was a refreshing reminder of that feeling...thank you! :) I always love the music on your site too.

  7. WOW - what an incredibly beautiful post.

  8. Wow.
    Beautifully captured!

    thanks for riding the train today, now following so i won't miss any of the good stuff!
    Jen Greyson | Author

  9. wow - that turlte photo is amazing!! And Mrs. Specktor is singing to me. I already love this place LOL.
    Followed u through FMBT - hope you will check out anf follow my site too. IT is a fun place

  10. Your photos and children are beautiful. Thank you for following me. I'm always looking for lovely blogs to read :)

  11. I love those turtles!

    And I am totally with you. As each season starts, I say, "THIS is my favorite season!" But then, as the next starts to approach, it becomes my favorite. I'm fickle.

  12. So beautifully written (as always). I too love summer but I shamelessly cheat on it with all of the seasons. They each have their own delights. I missed reading your posts while I was away and was all chuffed when I saw you stopped by anyway despite my lack of posts xxxx

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  14. Make more happy memories ; D. Eso es lo que quiero hacer antes que termine el verano. I love tortugitas. <3 Missed you, girl.

  15. I love summer, but I'm like you: My head gets turned with each new season. Well said!

  16. Hello, I'm a new GFC follower of your blog :)

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    Thanks for the beautiful pix and post.



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