Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Roller Coaster And A Pear Tree...

Up and down I have gone for the last 3 days like on a roller-coaster ride...
Lady Iris aka my Mom was rushed to the hospital on Saturday...
Iris lives on an enchanted island along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea...
Iris loves her island and her ocean and all of its people...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

She loves the lullabies that are played every evening under the starry Caribbean sky by the Coqui...
She refuses as if she was being sentenced to prison to come closer to my coast...
It's too far from the equator I tell my logical self... She is off balance if she is too far off the equator line...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

By Sunday I knew she was going in for surgery...
By Sunday I knew if I convinced her that I wasn't located too far off the Tropic of Cancer I can be there for her like I have always intended to...


While trying to digest and process all of it a friend served me a Pear Tree Martini (recipe at the end)...
We talked about our struggles and challenges and underneath my imaginary blooming Pear Tree I vowed to be flexible when my time comes for someone to take care of me... I vowed to surrender and allow those that I have cared for so deeply and raised with good intentions to make decisions for me when I need it...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

For life is an eternal spiral and we are in need of others on the way in and we are in need of others on the way out... We need love and attention as we come in... We need love and attention as we go out...
The eternal spiral...

la dulce vida adrianairis

Is a new week... Lady Iris came out of her surgery like a teenage girl...
A bit of pain which is normal but waiting for a full recovery...
Me?!  I am recovering as well and learning that at times there is nothing you can do but to throw your hands up in the air while riding this roller coaster ride...

adrianairis la dulce vida



While we were out we were given a Versatile Blog Award by Mommy's Time Out and the Spotlight at Mom Mart for Blog of the Week... Visit them and let them know you found them while travelling the sweet life...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Recipe Pear Tree Martini

1½ PARTSSt-Germain
1½ PARTSPear Vodka*
½ PARTFreshly Squeezed Lime Juice
1 DASHAngostura Bitters
METHOD: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a slice of D'Anjou and a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.

* Preferably Hangar One Spiced Pear, Grey Goose La Poire or Pear Eau de Vie

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Stay Sweet Peeps!


  1. I'm glad she came out of the surgery okay and that you're recovering from the worry. What a terrible, emotional spiral!

  2. Visiting from the hop. Would love a follow back at www.fingerclicksaver.com. Your family is beautiful:-)

  3. aw thinking of you and your mom hon. I hope she does make a full recovery xxxx

    also thanks for your lovely comments and you are so not a dork lol

  4. Hey there! Stopping by to say hello from the WTF blog hop. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see more :) Hope to see you soon!


  5. Beautiful pictures - glad everything worked out OK and she's feeling and doing better.

  6. I too have been on an emotional rollercoaster this week...our sweet little dog of 11 years died last week. It has been pretty tough! Try to stay positive! Visiting and following from I Love Blogging Hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like!


  7. Hey girlie, sounds like you had a bit of a scare. I'm glad everything turned out okay and your mom is recovering nicely.

    Sending my best wishes.

  8. I'm glad to hear your Mom is recovering well! Now go have another martini!!

  9. --So happy all is okaY!
    ..... "we are in need of others on the way out... We need love and attention as we come in... The eternal spiral"
    ))))))Hugs coming your way.

  10. Sending you positive energy, Adriana. I'm sorry you and your family had to go through the worry but am glad everything turned out okay. Some things are simply beyond comprehension. *un abrazo*

  11. Beautiful post (and photos). New follower from blog hop! Would love a follow back :0)


  12. Love the photos. Great post. Just calling by whilst blog hopping. Be sure to come by and say hi. http://www.acceptingandembracingautism.com/ Sarah

  13. I am glad your mom came out ok. I too, have said to my husband that we just need to let other help us as we get older. My daughter is 10 months o not any time soon but I think king so far when we are older will put a strain on my daughter! Love all the pictures and especially your writing style. beautiful!

  14. Wow, Pear Tree Martini sounds just wonderful. These photos are just lovely. X

    This is the first time I've come across your blog.... I love it. Very interesting, great style.


  15. great photos!
    it does sound like it was emotional rollercoaster!

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  18. ---Dear A.

    The last photo reminds me of YOU :)) Yes! xx


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