Friday, May 27, 2011

Truth Memorialized...

If everything we write and publish is meant to be full of truth then I must tell you my bedroom is a mess...
His clothes are everywhere along with a few mismatched outfits of mine...
The garden is holding onto some weeds and the pool water is cloudy...

If poems are meant to invoke some feeling then I must tell you that I have been hungry, cold and felt unwanted many times. I have known abuse and violence... but have not fallen as a victim of...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida
If I was Van Gogh I would paint sunflowers...
If I could paint you a painting...
I would articulate all my shapes by juxtaposing surfaces of different intensity... 
So you could see...

If you and I are branches from the same tree then I must tell you...
Not only do I love you but you are so beautiful...

I wish I could show you.

I wish I could show you...

All of me.

I wish like a blanket I could lay my whole life into the earth and like magic it would sprout, grow and bloom into a field of sunflowers .

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

I wish I could tell you everything that is within me and what I perceive to be real...
And I continue to dig deep looking for the right words and you continue to reach and my fingers are grasping...

They are holding onto so much hope, dreams and love...
The one that particularly moves me is love...
And if tomorrow never comes let me make sure you know...

I... Love... You...

This weekend is opening night at the theatre...
The divine Ms. M (Maia) opens her last production of the season...
This time she plays the bride of Dracula. Can't wait to show you the pictures of the production on stage.
She is excited of this new role and we know she will be the best bride Count Dracula ever had...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

This weekend I will be that one Momma with the very talented girl on stage- while said Momma will virtually swallow all of her tears in the privacy of a dark theatre... because I am that moved every-time she comes in to the stage.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Have a great Memorial Day weekend peeps... Stay Sweet !


  1. Captivating writing with such lovely photos.

  2. Such a great post. Since the topic is on room is a mess as well and the living room needs to be vacuumed. Tell Ms. M to break a leg! She will be the best Bride of Dracula Savannah has ever seen.

  3. Sounds fun & exciting.

    Best of luck to countess M. xo

  4. the poem & photos were just beautiful. congrats momma i can totally relate why you feel that proud. i can't wait to see the pictures from the show!

    following from FNF

  5. Oh how fun and what a cute little bride she is too. Have fun!!

  6. Such beautiful words.

    Have fun enjoying your lovely little girls performance. A proud mama you should be.

  7. Poems, sunflowers, little girls....what could be better than that...enjoy the weekend...

  8. I read your post to my daughter and husband. It was beautiful. I looked at the posting of Maia she sound wonderfully talented I know how proud you must be.

  9. You and Your Words Delight me :) xxxx

  10. You gave me the goosebumps. Beautiful post. <3 Thank you for bringing me light, amiga.

  11. Awww...your daughter is so beautiful. Congratulations on her show. :)

  12. I just wanted to let you know that you got a prize.
    Check out last post on my blog

  13. My room was a complete disaster before spring cleaning rescued us from the depths of clutter...

    Your little girl is sweet. Hope she does well on stage!

    (I followed you here from Giveaway Corner's Social Saturday)

  14. Thanks for linking up at Giveaway Corner's Saturday Social!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Wonderful! Newest follower from Saturday Social.

  16. Thanks for stopping by!

    Love your photos. I just worked on making all of mine bigger - so much nicer visually. Now if I just had your photographic skills!

    Best of luck to your little girl this weekend! So exciting.


  17. So lovely. And haunting. How can I feel empty and full at the same time? You have a way with words and images. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. I am your newest follower-kport207, from the Sunday Relax and Surf Blog Hop.

    Would love a follow back

  19. is a video clip possible? i'd love to see your beautiful girl in action. Both my teens love dance, but neither have been on stage for any school play. I was. Many times as a child. Reluctant because I was afraid, but once i spoke the first few lines, the audience was forgotten while i became my character.
    Lovely post, your word always touch me. By the way, my bedroom is a mess and i could use some help finding the floor. this is what happens when you share your space with tots

  20. Love your blog! I became a follower! :) Erin

  21. Beautiful blog. I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit my blog and enjoy! Donna

    If you have questions, please email me at

  22. If it makes you feel any better, my bedroom is a mess too. And it's okay.

    I will be hosting a Creativity Guest Post Mini Series beginning June 1st - please come check it out! It'll cover everything from art to writing to sewing to DIY to etsy-ing!

    Ladaisi Blog

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    - Brandii

  24. Hi,

    I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read more of your blog.


  25. I so understand the crying watching our babies on stage.
    I need like a 12 pack of viva towel rolls thru it all.
    You are now what i am going to call my SUNFLOWER you bring so much love, magic,truth,all the things in life.
    You are beautiful mrs.sunflower!

  26. what soft loving eyes and sweet smile.

    what a proud mama you'll be when she's up there.

  27. Beautiful! Our children make us so prideful!

  28. Lovely post i'm a new follower from I love my Online Friends Monday Hop :)

  29. you photographs are amazing!


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