Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a perfect ten...

I've started typing this post a hundred times and kept hitting the backspace key. By now you must know I hate clichés and monotony. If I can't carve some-type of fingerprint and something unique I go back highlight and delete. And that song and dance has gone for an hour.

I also won't go and tell you a whole analogy about how I wish our lives had a delete button because by now we all have heard it from others. Yes, a redo button... we all want one but by now we are also aware that there are chances to redo a moment so...No need for a special button is right there at your fingertips...No magical powers needed. 

Then, I was inspired by another topic when I realized I made no sense whatsoever...
Later while rocking out to Florence and The Machine I hit the cap locks key making most of the post a loud shout...
I was shouting at you and the last thing I wish to do is shout. 

All I want to do is celebrate...

I have to celebrate her because when my days are dull and I feel like that certain cliché moment is ready to take over with monotony and momma complains...
I look at her and she teaches me something new...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

New ways of smiling at me... which melts my heart faster than the day before and faster the day after...


Those days when everything is wrong...there is less money in the bank...more bills in the mailbox...
and a couple of appliances decide to break... and I feel like I could break too... 
I look at her face...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

I am celebrating the perfect ten... She is 10 months old today...
And now to the moment of sounding like a total cliché...
My life would be dull and so boring if I did not have this face to look at everyday...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Happy 10 Months Mia Stella today is all about you... 
Even if it has been said and done...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Happy Midweek Peeps...

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  1. Those bottom teeth are too cute. :)

  2. Just voted for you! I teared up..."Happy 10 Months Mia Stella, today is all about you..."
    Even if it has been said and done..." In my humble opinion, I think complete wonder and adoration of our children is a beautiful thing no matter how its said, just so long as it is said. You've done a stunning job of it here! :)

  3. Awwww! Happy ten months too your little princess. She is too cute. I always love when babies have just those two front teeth at the bottom and when they smile it brightens up the whole world and you can help but smile cause its the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.....with just two teeth.

  4. Well she is adorable and looks just like her big sister!

  5. everything u create has ur unique fingerprint on it including lil miss sweet cheeks :P

  6. What a doll! I love her smile too! Cheered me up on a very rainy day in NY! Happy Wednsday!

  7. what a doll! You are so blessed! Following from Bloggy Moms! Follow back?

  8. Well said. It is amazing how children can make all of the stress of life seem a little less important with just a look. My daughter does it for me all of the time. Thanks for stopping by Yankee Texan Mom. Now following you back and looking forward to it!
    Yankee Texan Mom

  9. I've always tried to stay away from cliches, but once I had a baby, I find myself falling into them!

    "I never could have imagined how much happiness a child could bring."

    "Being a mother is hard work, but it is so worth it."

    "My life has changed forever."

    "Enjoy it while you can; they grow up too fast!"

    The problem is...they're all just so true!

    Love your baby girl's smile.

  10. I wish you could snap my baby's pictures...your photos are sooooo gorgeous.

  11. She is darling!

    Found you on FTLOB. I think.

    Glad I did.


  12. Hi adriana, your babygirl is adorable, i like those tiny teeth.
    tks for stopping by to my blog
    I am yr new follower. rgds, dalyse

  13. oh my goodness! What a beautiful little lady! Her smile is precious :) Btw- I've been voting for you daily I hope you win!

  14. Hooray for 10 months! Those are some sweet pics and children do have a way of reminding us what's important.

  15. I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I love reading your blog. You can find the details here

  16. Adriana - I've featured you on my new blog of the week widget on my sidebar. Read more about it here:

  17. Mia Stella is such a beauty. Enjoy every minute of her because she will grow up fast. Somehow everything works out...been there and done that. I remember having a 12 month old, hubby lost job and I found I was pregnant...somehow we survived because like you, I had beautiful babies to look at all day...they are grown now...time just flew...altho now I can watch my grandbabies grow.....cherish every moment...

  18. congrats to that beauty baby girl!

  19. Happy 10 months to Mia Stella … Beautiful girl!

  20. Happy ten months, mine just turned 11months on the 4th! I know exactly what you mean. Somehow whatever is wrong just becomes right when you look into those beautiful eyes and amazing smile!

  21. Qué cara tan bonita, Adriana. She's so beautiful. Moments I feel overwhelmed, or like something is impossible, and my eight-year-old comes to me with "mommy," with all his little expressions and mannerisms, I want to melt. Looking into his eyes reminds me of what's really important. Como siempre, a beautiful post. xxxxx

  22. She is so cute!
    I am following you via the FNFW blog hop. Please follow me.

  23. Hello,
    I am now following you from the hop...Please stop by and say hi :)
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Of course you should celebrate that little peanut! :)

  25. Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day and Happy 10 months to Mia! She is so precious. Following you from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! Would love it if you LIKE my page:

  26. Simply beautiful- so increibly true, I think alot of times people forget where they need to focus.
    Hi there, I'm Tracy- a new follower from the blog hop: "All Week Blog Hop". It's my first! Stop by and see me at:



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