Monday, February 28, 2011

a journey of self discovery...

It's being awhile since I've made an entry. I've been so busy with life. Nothing worrisome all good and joyful.

Let's try this again after all I am trying to keep honest to document and write my history...

Let's begin again...

My goal is self-discovery, the mastery of my destiny and the creation of my reality. I know equally well states of heightened joy, inspired by the imagination, love or art, and massive despair and sadness, crash landings and meltdowns and I also have a big fear of fragmentation. I need to connect and reconnect. I seek wholeness of personality. Relationships are never enough... there is always the need to write and to create. As I set forth on my voyage... an independent woman, from the experience of having to take care of myself at the age of 15, a child, my way was marked with danger. But, in the course of my explorations into the interior, I was to achieve nothing less than the creation of myself. I always thought that too much awareness without accompanying experience is a skeleton without the flesh of life or like...biting into a fleshless apple. =)

Therefore I also set forth to live and taste life like no other. Even if it's raw and dirty its still mine and it belongs to me. In my self discovery I learned everyone who writes, everyone who articulates feelings, everyone who creates anything, a house, a child, a good meal is an artist. It's not only in the art medium that we create but in our everyday lives in our daily relationships and everything we come to contact with. I am once again experiencing some growing pains and intend to document it. Maybe it can inspire someone, question themselves or myself in the process of documenting such. First I need to digest all this plethora of emotions and feelings as well as experiences and within all of it I intend to find the sweet juicy nectar in it.

Some of the sweet things that have happened to me since my last post...

Behold the power of children loving art...




Mama J came to visit =)

Behold the power of beautiful things...


Yep... The Peach State...



Happy Monday Peeps Stay Sweet!

*retraction Mama J remind me that the bulb photo on the post is NOT an Iris =( is a daffodil perhaps not as exotic but guess what I love it the same. They are all welcome.


  1. I love your definition of artist especially since it's taken me so long to use the title. It's a great reminder and eye opener to those who never thought about it that way. xo

  2. Will ALWAYS be here to listen and be yor friend in the good and bad times.
    Hugs to yiou my friend!

  3. Glad you're back, as always, love the photos!

  4. Love this post and the photos. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about what makes an artist. You are so right.

  5. Go to the library and get this book called
    Writing to save your life by michele weldon
    How to honor your story through journaling
    Think you might like it

  6. @Cry I will... Sounds like something I might thoroughly enjoy Thanks so much!

    @my friends... I thank you for your kindness.

    @kimberly that's a compliment coming from you.


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