Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Artisan Bread...

Artisan Bread

A bread, made by a skilled baker, that is considered to be handcrafted in each step of the process from kneading the ingredients to the baking of the bread. The ingredients are all natural, with flours that are untreated and unbromated.

There is something to that which is unique and not mass produced. When you have an original between your hands you know it. It has this certain quality and energy that can’t be explained. When something is rare and precious you try to handle it with such care and at times you are filled with anxieties and nervousness hoping you are doing not a good but a great job. Hoping that as you are forming and shaping you are doing it correctly. With intention… the right intentions. Intentions that are sacred and divine.

I watched her raise the heat of the water to the correct temperature. I watched her measure and re-measure. Add and subtract. Careful and with diligence like the most experienced of scientist. As she pours the yeast to the perfectly heated water she notices “is Alive”.

She realizes why bread is a source of life. She understands the hard work and dedication of ancestors which provided such sustention to so many for thousands of years. She sees how time consuming it is to make just one loaf. She gets it and I am so proud.

Today a painting that my little brother left for me after he passed arrived in the mail. I was filled with such sorrow. He would have been proud of her creation and I would have been prouder of showing off my unique and not mass produced girl. He too was artisan bread. We are healing. We are mending our souls and the kids really know how too soothe our wounded soul.

And I?! I continue in the search of beauty, uniqueness and everything that this sweet life has to offer...

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  1. I just love your photos.

    The last time we tried to make pizza bread was hilarious because I forgot I had thrown out the big roller so the end result was deliciously lumpy. lol


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