Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zombie Babies...

So much to say since I have not being able to post that now my mind is running so fast and unbridle that I can’t focus in just one thing. I am like a kid at Christmas morning with too many presents and not knowing which one to play with. I will try to somehow make sense to all that has happened even if it just with images so perhaps you can get the picture and I won’t ruin it with words that might be redundant and useless. So much goodness and so much darkness fill my life and heart on a day to day basis that at times is hard to untangle all emotions without sounding a tad manic. Those moments when you feel like you are holding a key to something that is yet to be revealed but I sit patiently waiting for the reveal. 1. We were sick with colds for awhile…that was not fun but we are glad to catch the cold of the season so we can move on to better things. 2. Mia started eating some veggies and fruits… She hates peaches and this is her I don’t like peaches faces… adrianairis 3. We were not lucky with Sweet potatoes either… adrinairis 4. I went to Florida to visit one of my oldest friend she is having a baby and I took some images… adrianairis adrianairis 5. The Peeps that came along for the ride and to visit our friend… adrianairis 6. A Zombie Walk in our town… The Historic District was packed with Zombies… I fell in love with the Zombie Baby… adrianairis 7. Things that made me happy as I drove home… adrianairis 8. The people that make it all worth coming home… adrianairis Hopefully by the end of this week my ideas will become clearer and I will be able to catch up with the writing. Until then… Stay Sweet… adrianairis


  1. Such a cute baby! And I love the Keith Haring bib. Surprising that she doesn't like sweet potatoes or peaches. Maybe she prefers savory foods only? Like squash or peas?

  2. I would make that face too if I had to eat sweet potatoes! She is just precious!

    Found you through LBS!

  3. TY ladies...
    @natty I will try those. will see how it goes.
    TY for noticing the bib. Art lover trying to instill just that...

    @ tamela I love sweet potatoes I can see she is not following suit. =) Will visit you shortly.

  4. Great photos! I especially love that very last one.

    Oh the eating wars - I remember those days. My daughter does great now (she's 2) but it was a bit of a battle to get to this point. Now, I get to look forward to that with baby #2, due this spring!

    Thanks for swinging by my blog - I'll be "following" yours too.


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