Thursday, November 4, 2010


Life is a patchwork of random thoughts and actions therefore a lot of my posts will be just that… bits and pieces, randomness, flows, stream of consciousness and such… and that is how the creative mind flows. My blog was an organic idea after I began a photo journal on my Facebook page. Friends and family enjoyed the moments I was capturing and I could not help to make the idea bigger and turn it into a blog. After all, I have one of those attitudes that see the beauty of the moment and wish to enjoy life and all it has to offer… every second…every minute… and with wonderment. Those moments are the memories I create, store and cherish and help me when the going gets tough. I challenge you to start stashing, storing, keepsake of all those tiny bits of fleeting moments… when everything is just so right and you tell yourself life is good and I am glad, blessed and happy to be alive.
Speaking of randomness hubby was reading the paper when I noticed this and of course could not help but to quickly grab the camera and shoot…

Today take time to see the randomness…the fragments…the bits and pieces of your sweet life.


  1. Cute, cute picture! It's just perfect! :)

  2. I love the photos! so classic...

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  4. Very amusing! Love the blog. Thanks for joining my BF community. BTW, great tune on your site. Love it!


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