Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Inspired...

Many times I am inspired by someone perhaps something they did or said and that person doesn't even know it. 
As if guarding a secret I use the inspiration to take me to places in my mind where I have not been.

I've been living life to the fullest and became my own lover. 
I must admit... I am a damn good lover.
I have laughed with many strangers and traded many stories. 
The city at the moment rages around me but I've built space where I find silence...stillness.  
I can't seem to forget that I was bred by Yemaya, the African drum, magic and witchcraft.

Then... there is the nighttime. The moon that feeds my creative soul. The ghosts that try to creep in. 
Haunting monsters that only reside within but I am always ready for a good battle.

*Four girls ran around a haunted house with a camera and this is what we created...

Haunted House Shoot

Models:  Blair B, Carolyn A, Laura Y.
MUAH: Sarah Cuda
Photography: Adriana I
Location: Hilton Head Firefighters Haunted House.


Happy Halloween everyone...


  1. I like this very much and the music from The Cure. One of my favorite songs!

  2. Happy Halloween!!! Amazing photos as always x

  3. I can't truly express how much I love theses, have a Blessed Samhain tonight :D

  4. As usual cousin, loving the pictures and stories. Much love.


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