Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Guess Not...

My photography continues to take me on rides challenging my visions and concepts. I experiment with light and textures and it is all becoming second nature. When my journey began with digital photography almost four summers ago, the blog was the means of documenting my process and growth. At times the blog became my confessional. The place and space where I would open up and admit to way too much. My goal was and always has been to be vulnerable. Each time I press that publish button I am vulnerable. I am naked, exposing myself and my ideas as well the abilities and disadvantages that I posses.  Each time I hit publish I have butterflies in my stomach. 

With that being said I now would like to show you a few images of my latest fashion photo shoot. Inspired by the old Guess Jeans fashion campaigns and by the summer season  here are my latest photos...

Guess Not...
Models: Ashlee C. & Sergi S.
Photography: Adriana Iris
Location: Farm

Thanks to Sergi and Ashlee I had a blast...


  1. I always love getting previews on the camera, but so awesome to see the edited, finished product!

  2. Gorgeous and rich with texture. love

  3. Stunning.
    Love that Bitch Red Lipstick. Xxx


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