Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Avant Garde...

Avant–garde noun : a group of people who develop new and often very surprising ideas in art, literature, etc.

Creative experimentation that fragments or rejects the norm speaks to my sensibilities. Avant garde means being at the leading edge and is applied to the most advanced, progressive and experimental fashions of the moment and prevents the industry from stagnating becoming dormant and dull. Avant garde often challenges the norms and boundaries already established. I continue doing the same with my personal life and experiences. 

In the spirit of celebrating the misfits and the outcasts I share with you a shoot I did for a Puerto Rican fashion designer and her Senior project at SCAD in Savannah, GA. A modern Sports collection which she drew inspiration from her personal observations to the array of emotions which one thing can provoke in one person. We can all see the same things but ultimately perception will dictate the final emotion and information gathered from whatever situation is presented to each individual. 

Avant Garde 
Marly Cortes Senior Collection
MUA: Fefa Carlo
Model: Starla L.
Photography: Adriana Iris

Thanks Fefa, Starla and specially Marly... 
Later Peeps...


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