Tuesday, May 27, 2014

About Inspiration...

So, I am filled with such inspiration that I am never worried about the future. Because I know inspiration doesn't find you. You must go and beg for it. Inspiration is way too precious and complex for it to give itself out.  It doesn't willingly come and shows its face at you unless you go and seek for it. Inspiration isn't a submissive force but a tempestuous energy one that is untamed and carefree. 

Art can be so messy and dirty while its pouring out of you. A real demon that drags you along through the back-alleys of your mind. It is not something you can stop even if you want to because in doing so you might drive yourself insane. You throw yourself away to be an artist and many times you attempt to blend and fit in and unsuccessfully you must retreat to that safe place which helps in the creation.

I met another young designer named Elyssa she will be graduating from the Savannah College of Arts and Design as a fashion designer. Her inspiration were the gardens at the palace of Versailles. I tried hard to recreate images at a location that were reminiscing of Europe and of course France. The following images represent her Senior project and collection. I hope you enjoy the images as well as the fashion. 

Designer: Elyssa Michelle
Photography: Adriana Iris
Location: Versailles.

Thanks Elyssa and all the models that took part of this session on a hot summer afternoon...


  1. what i love about your photographs just occurred to me - not only are they stunning in color & style - they're so NOT SOUTHERN LIVING. you ARE savnnah's photographer.

  2. Enchanting. Magical.
    I LOVE clicking into your "Inspiring" world. XXxx


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