Wednesday, April 16, 2014


That's exactly how the dress and its maker came to me. Eugene is going back to Korea and with me she left a dress and some images on a Spring afternoon... Not certain if I will ever see her again I celebrate serendipity. 

Coincidences and chances are surrounding me... On the night of the blood moon I decided to just let it all be and allow for whichever satellites that needed to cross paths come together. If only for a brief moment we allow ourselves to be open... Moments that like stars burn up the skies fast until nothingness... Maybe then we might begin  to understand the cosmos.

Photography: Adriana Iris
Model:  Morgan
Dress & Styling: Eugene Goh
BTS&PA: JWaitsPhoto

Thanks Eugene, Morgan and Jon.

Shots by dude with camera..

Happy Midweek!


  1. What an amazing jeans dress! I remember making jeans skirts but that dress is just so cool! And as usual, you inspire with beauty - love you!

  2. I cant say i love the clothes, but i sure tbink these photographs are impecable. Love u

  3. Love this, makes me think was spring and rolling green hills x


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