Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Marsh...

I dream of so many dreams along the beaches of this coast. Walking slowly I begin to recite these ideas that like elves are running in circles inside my head. I stump through the mud leaving deep rooted footprints hoping all of these ideas will follow me all the way home. There are fishnets and some tools on the floor along with a forgotten fishing pole. All I hear is the flicker sound of a few dragonflies that flutter among the saw-grass. Right now everything seems so clear. 

A seagull flies by me and I flinched. I heard a chuckle. No one is around. The sun shines slanted along the wooden dock creating a perfect road into the heavens...

Scenes from Tybee Island, GA...

Happy New Week.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the fat cat picture, just so deeply asleep. Explain that giraffe head? Once again you took me away from my ordinary day for a little while. Thanks!!

    1. that fat ct is so cute. I am glad to have taken you on a journey.

  2. beautiful shots! Love the new header too x

  3. A lazy, "just bein' " day in The South. Que rico. BB2U

  4. Your blog these days is like just sitting in bed Sunday morning travelling - thanks for sharing your world with me xx


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