Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Things...

Christmas is in full swing for us...

A quick post to share a few of my holiday favorites. This is not a sponsored post but if Sprinkles Cupcake would like to send us some cupcakes we will love them forever. School is out and my baking utensils are making a comeback. Starting to get piled on the kitchen counter. The mailman makes a daily door visit. Bringing us cards, packages and messages from around the world.

Sharing with you a few of my Christmas obsessions.

DIY Stamped Gift Wrapping Paper, Gingerbread Houses on top of Hot Cocoa, Sprinkles Cupcakes.
My favorite gift thus far the new camera bag my husband got for me and the camera strap with the saying
"Today, I am just a dreamer... dreaming my life away"


 My fave Cocktail?


We have yet to finish wrapping and baking.
Saturday we will gather with friends to celebrate "The end of the world"  will be back one more time before Santa arrives to Savannah, GA.


  1. I love the camera bag, what a beautiful and useful gift. Your holiday drink sounds delicious, so much so that I´m sure it´s worth every single calorie.

  2. where did you find those gingerbread homes??? I love them, never thought of anything like that!

    merry christmas you beautiful gal.


    1. A website called twinkle twinkle little party she is a genius.
      Merry Christmas to you xoxo

  3. I'm a new follower from Hop Along Friday and I'm really excited to see what all you have to post! I have a Friday hop called Freakin' Friday. I'd love for you to join!


  4. A Bag and Booze- mujer, you're just surrounded by BBs aren't you? ; ) Have a marvelous, merry, maniacal time with your loved ones and the happiest of New years. BB2U

  5. Gorgeous camera bag! And, oh how I love the owl paper!

  6. Love that camera bag! And that cocktail sounds delicious!!! :) I'm stopping by from the Sparkle & Shine blog hop.


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