Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miss American Pie...

As a girl that looks like she could be from anywhere in the world I have never felt like I belong anywhere. Free to chose my country of origin when I was younger I would go out with my girlfriends and pretend I was from somewhere "exotic" as if coming out of my native island wasn't exotic enough.
So I would pretend...

Once I was a Moroccan belly dancer. Another I chose to be a tantric yoga teacher from India and of course just as cool would be the names that would go along with the countries chosen. I have been from Barcelona, Turkey, Greece, a gypsy from the south of France and a dancer from Cuba with my nationality also would come a made up life. With cool creative professions and a fabulous story which at the end always made us laugh.

I have always wanted to call myself an American since I have now resided on the mainland for over 20 something years but my dark skin and long dark hair always prompt the same question...
Where are you from?

I love this country it has seen me grow and flourish. Here is where I met and found the love of my life. I gave birth to both of my daughters in Savannah, GA and the second was born on the fourth of July 2010. Her birth was like my entry, my pass and what solidified not only my love for this country but that I am an American. Her birth made me feel like the lyrics of American Pie were written by me.

The fourth in photos...




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Enjoy the weekend I will probably bake an apple pie... Later peeps and please...
Stay Sweet.



  1. I get it! I get it all.the.time. The "where are you from?" It's my skin, it's my accent. It took a long time to understand that I belonged where my life takes place. My life is my children, my family. And they are HERE.

    1. I love when peeps get me ;) Thanks for the comment.

  2. aw happy 4th to you and your lovely family xxx

  3. Pero es que siempre haz sido tan creativa you story spinner. lol

    Great photos. I love lil' M intently focused on the box.

  4. Voted! Ur photos rick girlie!
    I get that Q all the time and I was born in nyc. And I get it from new yorkers

  5. --where are you from?

    h e a v e n



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