Tuesday, May 15, 2012

About Writers Block...

I've stared at the blank screen for at least 5 minutes for a second it felt as if some wormhole was opening up to another dimension. Praying for my fingers to do a little dance. Like little dancing feet to a ditty. I am missing the sounds of the keys. They almost play a beat which to me is the soundtrack of my writing. That is the reason so many posts are accompanied with music. Because those are the sounds I hear while I am typing away.


So I try to engage you... trap you.  Like a Venus Fly trap with my images, sounds and words. I try assaulting each one of your senses... because you visit me wide open and vulnerable and I in return...write. I write full of vulnerabilities and inadequacies hoping you and I can connect. I think this exchange is what keeps me coming back. This space has been like a passport to the universe for me. I have met so many and seen so much. I have shrunk myself to microscopic proportions and saved a lot of money in therapy by coming to this space to pour my heart out.


I try to dig deep and I wrote this a year ago...

I've traveled to places that were far and near...
Crossed a few seas and became completely enchanted with the beauty and uniqueness of each human that I've encountered... 
I fell in love with the connections and the similarities we all have... 
Amazed of the many people that have touched my life and filled me with wonderment and complete curiosity because we all know... 
We can't lose the sense of wonderment. 
You can't lose all of your innocence. 
Otherwise dread and sadness settles in and the ability to feel and see all things that are whimsical and fantastic get lost in translation. 

"These paper boats of mine are meant to dance on the ripples of hours, and not reach any destination"

In search of whimsy I am going to Disney world this weekend. My first time ever. Only Ms.M and I will make this trip. Two girls in the search of wonderment. I dreamed of Disney as a child later it became a place for children. Today is the place where I will return to my childlike place to enjoy my daughter before she becomes a teen. The last year before those numbers turn into numbers that end with teen. I promise to drink from the well of wonderment and happy thoughts. I will drink until I too have reached the age of 12.

Later peeps and please stay sweet...



  1. I love the word wonderment and wonder ...

    Your 1st time at Disney?! yippieeee

  2. Wow I love the pictures! I'm a new follower from a blog hop, if you could follow me back that would be great! http://iheartpears.blogspot.com

  3. That my friend is a wicked paper boat!

  4. Your photos always bring me right to the same place as you. Thank you so much for opening up your world to all of us. Stay sweet

  5. Hi Adriana,
    You are very creative and poetic.
    Great post!
    Following you from Welcome Wednesday.


  6. you always drawn me in that's for sure! OMG Disney. I went once when I was 11 and I've never gotten over the magic it poured into my heart. seriously. Please take a million photos so I can relive it through you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Adriana, your photos are always mesmerizing and your words gentle and enchanting.

    Enjoy your trip to Disney world!

    Take care and God bless <3 :-)

  8. I've been having writers block all week.... Its very frustrating!
    Your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring, thank you so much for sharing.
    I am a new follower from BlogHop, if you get a chance stop by my blog and say hi :) http://superficialsydney.blogspot.com.au/

  9. Enjoy Disney! Hopping by from the Friday hop! Come check us out too: www.sweepstakesmama.com

    Candy-The Skeptical Sweeper for www.sweepstakesmama.com

  10. Wow girl - I love your words, your writing - it certainly holds me in it's grasp. I hear ya on the writer's block though - our writings ebb and flow, and the more we write, the more we can be assured of the flow times. My journals are bursting, (I think I'm much more creative there because it's private) but, like you, I also love the tapping of the keys...the sacred words on the screen.

    And your pics are gorgeous !!! The girl in the woods - omg ....takes my breath away!

  11. Simply gorgeous...

    Oh, writer's block. *lol* Doesn't take much to stop me midstream.


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