Sunday, April 29, 2012

About Rabbit Holes...

There are times when your favorite fairy tales become real... not the happily ever after but the battles and the monsters. Events so surreal that leave you breathless and speechless wondering if you are really awake or dreaming.


I found myself at the opening of an art show. This was not just another art show. The artist had been my model for a photography ad campaign I had done the week prior and he sent me an invite. The street of the gallery had been barricade and closed to traffic the theme for the show was The Circus. No matter how many times I've seen an exhibition that is Circus themed no two are ever the same. I also love the circus and I have had dreams of running away with the circus since childhood. To the point I once trained with a circus troupe from Australia until I could fire dance. I learned to spin balls of fire while I danced. Sometimes I dance with passion and tenderness. Sometimes with fury and anger but I have a trade one that would get me a spot in the circus just in case I ever wanted to run away with it.

My circus self.

As I entered the gallery to look at my new model now acquaintance and fellow artist I noticed I don't adapt as quickly as I should or maybe I just wish I would adapt quicker. His paintings were all shown crooked. All at angles that made me angry. His job had already begun.  I wanted so badly to straighten each one of the frames letting the controlling adult that resides in me determined we had a situation. So I straighten the hemline of my white dress as if they were making my eyes see straight.

I pulled my camera out of my bag thinking the camera might be able to provide me with better perception...

But I was falling... Falling down the rabbit hole...

So I snapped pictures as I made my way through the exhibit which at times could be thought provoking but what made the art exhibit was the people that showed up...

And the lights were bright and the sun was setting and across the street they all gathered at this unusual place which made it look like the inside of an insane asylum except all of the patients young and old were dressed like the cast of any Circus.

I walked to where I could see the most light and above me hangs a golden unicorn.

The band played some experimental music and a kind of familiar face walks up to me and says in a deep voice:  It's not the sound check, love... they are actually playing.

Right there I felt it and I kept falling down the hole...

My camera battery died leaving me with no crutches no window for me to look through... I was on my own.
But looking at the dead screen I saw my own reflection. In that precise moment I felt as if the earth stood still and the colors were brighter and I could see ...

So many faces filled with uniqueness, creativity and beauty.
People...people willing to be open and vulnerable to show us who they are and to tell us a story.... their story.

Only if we are willing to listen...

Hope your weekend was sweet...Later Peeps.


  1. WOW! This was quite an affair. Once I got over the shock, I loved it. My mouth dropped when I spotted the woman doing a split while standing. All I can say is WOW! Later I noticed her child or sibling, the youngster doing a sitting split.
    So fun, thanks for sharing,
    Love to you, Ginger

  2. Sweet pictures. I am now following you on Pinterest. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Love the craziness in the pictures

  4. Looks like it was a trip. Now know why you were watching Water for Elephants! :p

  5. Wow girl that was wicked and wild! I didn't want to miss out on ur post so I carried on to the end...but in all honesty...clownns scare the life out of me. But I did it for u girl and I don't regret it
    Though I do have goosebumps

  6. M A G I C...


    Except for the clowns. They scare the hell outta me.

  7. Beautiful photos! Falling down the rabbit hole - that's totally my world :D

    ~ Lisa

  8. Amazing photos. God I want to straighten those frames so badly too!

    Of course you can dance with fire, That fits so perfectly with the imagine I have of you in my head. It is full of all kinds of fabulous!


  9. This is awesome!
    I'm a new follower from a blog hop!
    Follow back?

  10. This looks like so much fun! I love the costumes. I am a new follower from bloghop.

    Preggo Eggo


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