Friday, January 13, 2012

Punk Rock Girl...

The beginnings of Punk rock music and the history is often debated.  Maybe because everyone has a different definition to what punk rock is. In the mid 70's punk rock music emerged in New York with bands like The Ramones, Blondie and The Talking Heads. Playing at different venues mostly at the famous CBGB's , a new music phenomenon was born.


Punk Rock music was born out of a need for something and most members of such bands had no musical training and limited skills therefore they would break the rules of music composition. Making Punk rock a music genre without any limits or barriers. Meanwhile across the pond in the UK the economy and the government were not in the state they are today. England's youth were unemployed angry and with loads of time to waste. This is the place were Punk fashion is born and the birthplace of The Sex Pistols.


I was so happy to be able to photograph a Punk concert in my city it was my latest assignment for the local paper.  Why would I be crazy enough to want to be in the middle of a mosh pit?
Well, I too had strong opinions and free time when I was a teen.  Homeless roaming the earth... angry at my makers... at society... at the government... anti anything that was not making me happy. I found a home in Punk rock music. They were screaming my anthem they were the rejected lost youth ... they were those that after the 60's hippies had the guts to scream back at the face of those in power. They We faced each one of our oppressors and made them accountable for their sins... unapologetic and unaware of any consequences we lived.


I made it out of my Punk rock youth era some were not that lucky and are no longer here...
Some have become successful. One of my punk rock friends is a Grammy award winning artist... Another friend of mine from my Punk rock days is an amazing artist and one day books will be written about him and how his art has influenced not only the art world but Latin American artists. Many of the revolutionaries minds today were Punk rockers as kids and for that reason today I celebrate the spirit of the Punk Rock movement... The same movement that taught me strength and boldness. Because it gave me a voice when I needed one because it taught me not to conform and to be a leader not a follower.

Next up... The Russian ballet it's all about balance peeps.


Have an awesome rockin' weekend and please...
Stay sweet!


  1. You know I love punk. When I hear the word it's Sex Pistol lyrics come to mind...

    'i know what i want
    and i know how to get it
    i wanna destroy possibly

    i wanna be Anarchy!'

  2. Hello.
    I'm visiting from Blogplicity.

    Interesting write-up.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations are in order too as your FB page is the Featured Fan Page for today over at Blogplicity!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  3. you are seriously one of the most interesting people with so much important stuff to say x

  4. --Dear, A,

    You. Are. Life. Changing.

    Sending Love,

    From another Punk Chick. Xxx

  5. fantastic photos,I love the emotion of them. An honest write up about who and why you are. I was never punk a little old for that, but I was a rebellious teen of another era. I understand.

  6. I must say this is on top of my list of favorite blogs. Kudos to you! You're one very artistic person, and everything you say is arresting--whether you say it in words or in photos.

    I have a blog called Cure for Mondays where I write about my journeys in life: ones that physically take me out on the road, also spiritual, virtual, cosmic, and imagined travels where weather has no part to play. Hope you could drop by and follow back.

    I'm your newest follower :-) I'm following you from Finding Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

  7. Only you could be a rocker ballerina!

  8. I am so pleased you commented on your punk period. Someday, in a different time and space, I hope we will swap stories and maybe pictures (if I can resurrect the understandably lost and fragmented traces of that time). Until then, we will write, some will read, and maybe learn [and yes, even grow, possibly..] from a period that was maybe part frivolity to us, but deadly sincere in our commitment to WAKE UP the world and the consciousness that lays in every human.... but ignored by too many, especially as they age, and grow comfortable [and afraid of discomfort]. It is easy to conform, to follow, to take our cues from others... but this is to surrender our will, and cheapen the whole gift of life. Punk was not about tearing down, except for tearing down complacency. Sadly, too many of us got lost in the harder drugs, because we did not know.... We did not know who to believe and what to believe, but we knew the "love" when we felt it, though we may not have known to call it such... [if I knew then.... but forget that!] Live, Move your body, let the memories fill you, and see the wonder once again. Peace and Love my sister!!

  9. We need to find Delaney and Hook her up with Val Holla. Both have been overwhelemed by haters, and are going to throw down there axes....

  10. I am crying outside and inside, but don't tell a soul, I have a rep to keep......

  11. Check my spelling, Kenny......


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