Friday, February 4, 2011


7 days of the week… 7 musical notes… 7 colors of the rainbow… 7 daughters of atlas…
7 dwarfs…7 wonders of the world… 7 seas… 7 chakras… 7 year itch…

and speaking of itches…

Mia is 7 months old today and her gums are itching and it is unbearable. I know it and she knows it.

if you look close you can see them =)

Everything is fair game.

If your hand is near by like a Venus fly trap she gets you.
Yes, poor baby …like a Venus fly trap and you can’t hardly feel it not much of a grip there but you do feel tiny little grains of sand coming up.

I run around breathless trying to ease her discomfort for I know she can’t express her discontent so I patiently wait for the tiny grains of sand to turn into pebbles and we will celebrate it.

Her toothless grin will soon be just a memory…

Because I tend to celebrate anything and everything and nothing.
Because life is this very moment therefore I celebrate.
Because poetry lives in every celebration.

Therefore… I celebrate.

Make everyday a holiday and celebrate just living… Happy 7th month Mia Stella!!!


  1. She'll be ready for steak soon. lol

  2. Awww happy siete! I still think about my babies every month on their monthly birthday. My babies are now 2 and 3 and I still do. We may go to the library or have a favorite meal on that day. So I completely understand.

    Try having her chew on scallions. My mom told me to do that and it worked for my babies. Just wait until the killer two year old molars come in. Hang in ther mommy!

  3. Adorable. Wonderful pictures, wonderful words.

  4. Thank you so much for commenting on my page! Your blog is super cute too! :)

  5. Beautiful! Just beautiful! My little man is 6 months, so our kiddos are super close in age!

    Looking forward to getting to know your crew better during the SITS 31DBBB Challenge! Following you now, too!


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