Monday, January 3, 2011

Time To Blossom...

So excited about 2011 looking forward to redecorating and recreating a really beautiful atmosphere in my home where I can be at ease and in peace waiting for Spring and for the new experiences this year will bring along my way. I know that there is heartache but heartache can be transforming and evolving. The ever changing ebbs and flows is what keep us changing growing and sprouting.

Speaking about sprouting I am inspired by red poppies then I researched and researched the red poppy has so much symbolism. I read it signifies everything from remembrance to eternal sleep. In Greco-Roman myths, poppies were used as offerings to the dead. A second meaning for the depiction and use of poppies in Greco-Roman myths is the symbolism of the bright scarlet colour as signifying the promise of resurrection after death.
Such sweet sorrow. For this reason a poppy painting seem fit to acquire.

I have been inspired by so much as of lately from French Damask fabric which is used in Mia's nursery to prints and other pieces of art that are making their way to me. I am adding a small table in her room this seems affordable and easy enough to do.

I have shared how tricky it was to entertain for Thanksgiving due to my lack of seating for dining room chairs and table but I have vowed to become more creative in the process and this style of modern chairs that can be stacked and stored seems like the perfect solution. Anything and everything will be created because one thing I can't stop and that is having a home filled with laughter, friends, family and great times.

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  1. That's a beautiful poppy painting...and I'm a fan of that French Damask! Especially in black and white. :)


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