Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wishing she was here...

yesterday as i spoke to one of my oldest friends i cried. she is pregnant with her first child and i am wishing she was closer for me to be there each step of the way. i have 2 brothers no sisters and the universe has giving me a few close friends so i too can feel what is like to have a sister. i am so glad my two girls got each other. one day, they will share so much. weddings, babies, boyfriends, fashion...yes, i do daydream of those moments when my two daughters share everything in life and they lift each other up as they walk through life.
a mother can dream...

until then i am enjoying the sweet life...
full of purpose and hope...


  1. I know how you feel, I am away from my familly and friends, and in the very special moments I always wish I was there, but it's not possible every time
    I'm your new follower!, found your blog on the Blogfrog

  2. Love your photos! Beautiful! Just found you from The Blogfrog.

  3. Hi ladies...TY so much! Can't wait to share along with ya'll.

  4. Adriana, what a touching image, makes you fuzzy throughout. Thanks for the kudos.



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